Whether you are going on a short cruise or a long one, if you’ve never packed for a cruise vacation before, you may not realize that it’s actually quite different than packing for other types of holidays. Use these tips for packing for luxury Fiji cruises.

Strategic carry-on packing

This is very important. Pack your carry-on bag with everything you cannot be without that first night on the cruise. This should include your phone, ID, boarding passes, medications, a change of clothes, and anything valuable. This is for a couple of reasons. As always, there is a possibility that the airline may lose your luggage en route, but there is another, cruise-specific reason to do this. When you arrive on board the ship, your bags may not necessarily arrive in your room at the same time you do. Having all of your essentials for that first night with you eliminates any concerns.

Smart checked-bag packing

Packing well applies to your checked baggage, too. If you are an over-packer, here’s a good rule of thumb: lay out all of the clothes, and shoes you plan to take, and then pack only half the clothes and three-quarters of the shoes. You won’t need as much as you think you do, and you can always do laundry on board if need be. Another good tip for your checked luggage is to pack half of your clothes in one suitcase and half in another, and have your spouse and other family members do the same. That way, if one bag goes missing, everyone will still have some clothes to wear until the other bag is found.

Check the dress codes

Cruise travel often gives you the opportunity to attend certain events such as formal night, theme nights, etc. Even on regular nights, you will probably be expected to adhere to certain dress codes to dine in the restaurants, etc. Be sure you pack something that meets dress code. For formal night, most cruise lines offer tuxedo rentals on board, if that’s your preference.

Do your laundry

No one wants to think about doing laundry on a cruise, but this can be a great way to pack lightly. Not all ships over self-service laundromats, however, but instead offer (pricey) dry-cleaning services. Be sure your ship of choice offers the service you are looking for. Alternatively, you can do your basic laundry (underwear and bras, for example) in your cabin by bringing along travel detergent and rinsing these items out in the sink. (A great option if you are travelling with little ones who may have accidents).

Bring your own toiletries

Yes, cruise cabins are much like hotel rooms in that they provide small bottles of basic toiletries, but if you are brand loyal and want to be sure you can get your hands on the things you love, be sure you pack them with you. Remember, once the ship lifts anchor, there won’t be a Walmart around to get emergency supplies.


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