Planning a vacation takes time and organization.  When planning a trip there are many facets of the experience—from the destination to accommodations to activities.  By using Clipix (, decisions can be made with your travel companions in a fun and efficient manner. This app allows the user to save web content, pictures, Excel files, Word documents or PDFs on to private or public clipboards that they can share with family and friends. By going to the website and dragging a “clip” button onto their browser bar, you can click whenever you find an item you want to reference later.

Summer is the most popular time for family vacations. When searching for that special beach, city or attraction, Clipix allows you to clip websites, articles, emails and more on to a Clipboard that is designated for that subject. You can use one Multiboard for the vacation which can contain several Clipboards with every aspect of the trip included.Here are five ways Clipix can help you with the planning of the perfect vacation:

Picking a destination is the most important part of setting up a vacation.  With Clipix, you can start a “Vacation” Multiboard that includes every part of the planning stages.  Detailed Clipboards can be added to the Multiboard after the beach, city or amusement park is chosen.  In addition, these Clipboards can be shared with travel companions so everyone involved can add suggestions.
 Planning a vacation takes time and organization. By using Clipix, decisions can be made with your travel companions in a fun and efficient manner.
Clipix partners with Forbes Travel Guide–originator of the Five Star Ratings and the benchmark for excellence in global hospitality.  Clipix users can visit to add photos, itineraries, articles and other information to their Clipboards that best suit their own travel needs; they can also share this information with friends and family.  By joining the Forbes Travel site, users can subscribe to a destination and a designated Forbes curated clipboard  will go directly to their Clipix account; they will also get updates about the destination from the Forbes site.
Set up a Clipboard with flights and hotels.  When you use the Price Drop Alert feature, you will be notified when the airfare or hotel room that you clip falls below a certain price or percentage.  All you need to do is clip the airfare or hotel room, set a price and Clipix will do the rest.  When the clipped fare or room reaches the target price, there is a notification on your Clipix page; in addition, you will receive an email informing you of the current price.
 Planning a vacation takes time and organization. By using Clipix, decisions can be made with your travel companions in a fun and efficient manner.
Keep informed and educated about your destination.  A Clipboard can be made with activities, schedules, photos and history of your vacation spot.  Sharing Clipboards will come in handy since everyone involved can add information that interests them.
There’s no better way to remember a vacation than with photos and memorabilia from the trip.  Anything can be added to Clipboards such as photos, videos and sight-seeing items.  Clipix can help you remember how well-prepared and organized you and your travel companions were and what an incredible time you had!Clipix can be used year-round to help organize every facet of your life. To sign up for the app, simply go to and create a login with your email, Facebook or Twitter account. Clipix is accessible online and as a cross-mobile application on iPhone and Android devices.
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