New York City is one of the prominent tourist cities in the world and is a great attraction for tourists of all nationalities. Living in the USA is a privilege as living in NYC is something even better as you stumble up those stairs to the city streets and capture that first breath of the air around the city.


The buildings are so astounding tall and eye-capturing. These buildings encompass the most distinctive architecture which you have ever seen in your lifetime. If, in any case, you are trying to decide to stay in New York for short trips. One ahs a great option to choose, i.e., short term luggage storage Manhattan it will be an overwhelming decision. New York City is massive and enormous, having the capacity of hundreds of hotels in a row of a street.

To make your choice more accessible, we have narrowed down the list of options from a few properties by a neighborhood of NYC. Here is a brief overview of some of New York City’s popular neighborhoods to have a great stay.


Midtown Manhattan

This place is the touristy heart of Manhattan. Midtown Manhattan is a place where you will find some of the best New York City’s famous tourist attractions be like the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Rockefeller Center.


Opportunities:  It is centrally located, and many attractions are within walking distance, and lots of fabulous short term luggage storage NYC options are available.

Obstacle: It’s quite expensive, and touristy conceptual place, it lacks the charm you will find in the neighborhood area like Chelsea and the Upper West Side. 


Greenwich Village

Referred to only as “the Village,” you will find brownstone buildings, tree-lined streets, and Washington Square Park.


Opportunities: The area has some of the best nightlife you will see in Manhattan. Obstacle: This area can be quiet at night as the place is full of life during the night sky.


Lower East Side


Lower East Side a trendy neighborhood place in Manhattan. In the 19th century, many of the immigrants of New York City settled in this place, creating a mix of Europeans. But in the late 20th century, this area saw an incursion of Asian immigrants as well. The recent gentrification has turned the Lower East Side into one of Manhattan’s best spots to enjoy dinners and beautiful nightlife.


Opportunities:  The place to go option for nightlife and some of New York’s best restaurants.

Obstacle: It can be not quiet at night, and there are a few subway stations, so it can be more challenging to get around New York City from here. However, the hotels on this list are conveniently located near subway stations.




Brooklyn is a fantastic option for travelers looking to save on hotel costs you can jump to short term luggage storage NYC  for comfort and hassle-free trip. The popular neighborhoods can be Obstacleidered as Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, and Dumbo are on or near the Brooklyn waterfront. These neighborhood areas have been revitalized from their industrial pasts into trendy, bohemian scenes. Warehouse spaces are now converted into art galleries, coffee shops, artist spaces, restaurants, beer gardens, and other apartments. Regardless of these neighborhoods, you look to stay, remember it’s less about the community and how close your hotel is to the subway.



Most of the hotels will be more affordable than those in Manhattan. Delicious food choice, whether it’s a traditional ethnic restaurant, a trendy food truck, or a classic slice of New York-style pizza.


As approachable as the subway is, staying outside of Manhattan means the need for public transportation or a taxi to visit NYC top sights.


The Upper West Side


The Upper West Side of Manhattan goes hand in hand with the Central Park and the Arts. Locals love how easy to shop on bustling Broadway, a moment of walking on the leafy paths within the neighborhood streets gives the feel of buying through local fares. The lincoln center is home to Metropolitan Operas and NYC famous Ballets. The not so noisy and quiet lanes of brownstone leading to the museums and family-friendly restaurants are perfect go option if you’re visiting NYC with kids. The Upper West Side also ranks as a safe place to stay in New York compared to other neighborhoods.



There are many green and eye-soothing spaces like Central Park, and Riverside Park placed perfectly on both sides. This place has a feel of famous local markets, and favorite restaurants, and fare shops. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade here, you will see the enormous inflated balloons get ready the day before the parade. The experience is memorable and the best from the whole journey.


Being a public place, the nightlife is not such a thing over here. The cuisine id also not such diverse as compared to other NYC’s neighborhoods. 


Soho and Tribeca 


Soho (South of Houston St.) is placed in the south of Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. Tribeca is a bit further downtown, to the south of Soho. Both neighborhoods have trendy boutiques and classy restaurants that draw visitors and locals on the same page. Soho is a place where you can find upscale art galleries and local street vendors selling original art and ornaments. Every year during spring, Tribeca hosts the annual Tribeca Film Festival, which features the best upcoming films, QandA hour with the directors and casts, and music events, and other fun activities.



Soho is a paradise for shoppers! Tribeca has fantastic restaurants and also is near to the Lower East Side.


You won’t get cheap accommodation in NYC. The price of the hotels are quite high and comes in the heights counts in Manhattan. 


Long Island City


Long Island City (LIC) is an industrial place near NYC, which is transforming slowly into a great neighborhood that is ready to capitalize on its excellent position along with the East River’s wide-open Manhattan city’s picturesque views. It’s on a budget can sometimes be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Visitors love to stay at affordable hotel prices as it has easy access to midtown Manhattan via subway.



You can find cheap hotel options near to NYC and will love the quick and comfortable ride from the subway to Manhattan. 



It’s still growing and coming to the competitive grounds to the other NYC neighborhood. Nevertheless, this place doesn’t have lots of shops and restaurants as compared to regions in Manhattan or Brooklyn.


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