Are you faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Probably not. But, are you creative? Charming? Prone to jumping to conclusions? Protective? Dismissive? Our Horoscopes tend to tie to our innate characteristics for better or for worse, and our modern four-colored titans follow suit in the monthly comic book pages of heroes like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, or even Antman or Black Panther. Destination Luxury used it’s elite team of nerds and psychics to tell you what superhero you’re most like according to your sign.



You have a can-do attitude and love to fill your days with movement and excitement. You’re a natural leader and can make a decision on their feet, and don’t mind not being popular because of it. Your impatient nature, though, can sometimes lead you to acting without thinking. While the Man of Steel tends to be seen as a boyscout, he’s not above diving head-first into something without thinking of all the consequences.



You love harder than others, you fight harder than others, and you love the world around you. You’re patient, which makes learning new things wonderful, but you’re also stubborn and can be as possessive: What’s yours is yours, and you don’t part with it easily. Much like Princess Korriand’r, the Teen Titans starlet known for her undying love and devotion to those she loves. Just don’t piss her off, and by proxy, don’t let them piss YOU off.



Creative, kind, adaptable and curious, you’re a creative sort who might find mundane things won’t hold their attention too long. Kyler Rayner, one of the most popular characters to carry the name “Green Lantern,” is almost your perfect patch, as you both despise repetition, love art, and could totally go for a trip around the world whenever you fancy it. An artist at heart, you both use your creative skills for the betterment of others.



You’re protective and tenacious, and perhaps more than a bit insecure. You gift people compassion and a ear to listen to, but you despise conflict unless you’re pushed into it, and even then you’ll always find a way to never go at it head-on. You and Natasha Romanaoff / Natalia Romanova have a lot in common, doubly so when you consider your home your castle. You have your secrets and they’re yours to share, so sharing without permission is a no-no. Just use that manipulative streak for good, alright?



A lesser known hero from the DC Cannon, he has an arrogance that’s infamous and a self-centered streak that gets him some dirty looks, along with plenty of grandstanding and attention seeking. People who get to know him, though, find some one of great creativity and warmth, who can deal with anything with a wink and a nudge and a level of generosity not commonly seen these days. Sound familiar?



All the world is waiting for you! They say you send Batman and Superman in to fight wars, but you send Wonder Woman in when you want to end them. An Amazonian warrior and princess, both of you are hard workers, can be a bit analytic, and both of you have a kind heart that makes you amazing protectors. Keeping the world clean and nature beautiful is something both of you would bond over, and lets be real, who doesn’t want that tiara?



It’s not about what’s expected, it’s about what’s right! You hold your loyalties to ideals and dream of a world that was fair and kind, even when evidence points to otherwise. You’re a regular Captain America, you know, and it makes people love being around you even if you don’t always see it. You have a social nature that makes you work well with a group, and both of you are known for being diplomatic even in times when it feels very hard.



Why yes, you are the smartest person in the world, and yes, you do have all the nicest toys. A major thing, though, is that you bleed bravery when people expect you to stand down and take it. You like factual evidence and you hate it when people keep secrets from you, and you kinda get a kick out of playing against people who might be better than you. You’re an Iron Man, and while some people might find you difficult to deal with, at the end of the day you’re the one they’ll want on their team.



Popularity is secondary to getting the job done and getting it done well. You imagine leaving behind a world better than when you entered it, be that through your winning humor or your ability to put others first. You never bite your tongue and you never back down from a fight: You’re Huntress, the purple-and-black crime fighter who won’t quit until she makes the world a better place.



Well mannered, disciplined, and responsible, you might expect the worst but you’re not going to let that slow you down if you can help it. You’re the fashionable, chic, and strong She-Hulk. After being turned into the lady-version of the famous Hulk through a blood transfusion, Jennifer Walters continued to focus on her law career while taking up crime-fighting on the side in order to help out her cousin Bruce Banner.



You run on emotions, you’re one of a kind, and you seem to have a level of duality that only a Gemini can compete with. As an Aquarius, your four-colored kindred spirit is none other than Billy Bastion, also known as Shazam! You take great responsibility with dignity and honor, and you tend to keep your emotions to yourself (or at least to the side) to deal with what matters.



An original, someone who doesn’t want to be the leader but knows when an idea is worth fighting for. Wasp, one of the founding members of the Avengers, and her intuitive and compassionate nature made her a valued member of Earth’s mightiest heroes. You two not only share that, but a bit of a martyr complex as well. It comes from being so darn understanding all the time, and that wellspring of gentle affection you give to those who deserve.

What Superhero do you think you’re most like? Let us know in the comments below.


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