Writing a travel essay is a simple and hard task at equal measures. Simple if you have the correct mastery of the tricks to develop an exciting story. It is difficult because it has a limited-time experience. If not careful, you may end up writing some boring clichés about several places you have visited.  It is because you have little information to do your essays since you visit places for a short time. 

Choose your Destination

A trip is sometimes taken to gather information for an essay. If this is your agenda, take your time to choose your favorite destination. It can be a country, a city, or any other place you can explore to collect enough information, which you can put in writing.  Before selecting a place, conduct some research to identify the ones that inspire you the most. Your job here is to share your story with people and involve them in your trip, but you must first ensure that your narrative sounds interesting. If you cannot enjoy your own journey, then don’t expect others to have fun while reading.  With all the information, you may still have a problem composing an essay because you do not have the writing skills. In such a case, you may consider seeking help from custom essay writing services such as PerfectEssay to write an essay for you. 

Select a few Attractions

Every city or town has various tourist attractions centers. If you try to include every place you visited during that trip, your writing would be a dull list of city attractions that are available everywhere. Instead of mentioning numerous sites, concentrate on two or three places you visited and explain them in detail. Focus on quality, not quantity. Let readers have more information about the attraction sites. Note that famous attractions may not attract the audience because they know about these places. Focus on uncommon sites keeping in mind that your readers want to hear about something new. 

Use Images

Images act as a complement to your verbal explanation. Through images, your readers can imagine your story better. They bring the readers closer to the story. It is always a good idea to give your audience a sense of imagination before telling them the events that unfold.  You can use one or two pictures but ensure that they are related to your story.  Capture the most splendid pictures of appealing places and use them. 

Write a Compelling Introduction

Your introduction tells whether or not the readers would want to continue with your story.  This is where you persuade the readers that you had a fantastic journey with something new that is worth reading about. Begin with a bizarre tradition you witnessed, a fascinating dialogue you had, or a cultural misunderstanding you encountered during the trip. Utilize your sense of humor. Try to be innovative by all means possible. Regardless of your approach, the final aim of your travel writing is to engage the readers and glue them to your story. 

Add Special Features

Do not make your trip’s story uninteresting. Instead, make it touching and vivid.  For instance, if you write about a restaurant visit, inform your reader about the atmosphere, national food, and taste. Flood your narration with the adventure and surprise spirit.  Try to transfer your impressions and enthralment to give the reader the feeling that they visited this place independently.  

Describe what you achieved

Your travelling experience should teach you something or make a positive impact on your life. Like other great experiences, travelling exists with fabulous achievements. Some of them include making friends, change in beliefs, and exposure.  You should tell your readers about what you achieved during and after the trip. 

Use the first-person perspective.

Travelling essays narrate the experiences you had after a journey to a new place. Write your paper in the first-person pronoun to own the story. By doing so, you make the narrative real. However, do not include all the experiences you had, as some of them may be boring. Just include the interesting parts that make everyone yearn for the place.

Avoid formal language and clichés

Travel essays should have meaningless words and phrases such as incredible, stunning, pretty, bustling, diverse, and melting pot.  They apply to your destination. You can try using specific language that paints a picture in the minds of the readers. Ensure your writing sounds natural. Give it a personality appearance. Do not use too much formal language. Avoid clichés while writing about travelling. Use original illustrations with meaning. Use a language you might want to use in speech. Remember, your objective is to make the readers understand your story. 

Expand the Story

Take your time and expand the story using the following:

  • Dialogue
  • Your emotions
  • Description and setting
  • Small details
  • Research

This is the point where your essay develops into an actual story. You can try to insert your own voice, add humor, tone, and dramatic shifts.   A dialogue will help you bring a scene in life, give the people in your essay a personality, and enables you to relay vital information. Every time you travel, make notes of the people you meet, what they say, and how they say it so that you can refer to your conversations when it comes to writing travelling essays. 

Keep it Simple

Entertaining the reader should remain your primary objective while writing a travelling essay. So, you do not need to show off by overly formal words or highly academic structure.  Use an active voice instead and try to be friendly. 

Share your Personal Aptitude

Your readers will better perceive your story if you include your thoughts and individual emotions. Writing a travelling essay from a personal viewpoint makes it more realistic, believable, and apprehensible. Sometimes, it is vital to know when to stop as it gives the reader some imagination freedom.  Tell the readers about your experience, but create some space for fantasy, desire, and excitement.

Give a solid Conclusion.

Every exciting story starts with a good introduction, goes to a climax, and ends with a firm conclusion.  Maintain the flow of your essay to conclude. End the story with a memorable fact or a revelation. You can also return to the opening.  Show your readers that the end is nigh. Think about where you began and reflect on the trip. Try to summarize the experience and come up with something specific. 

Conduct a preliminary research

Writing a good travelling essay requires specific preparations.  You can conduct an online search for travel essays written by experts from online essay writing services.  You can find a cheap writing service at Edu Jungles if you need a sample of a travel essay. 


Writing a perfect travel essay requires observation, dedication, travelling experience, and excellent writing skills. Many students lack these requirements, which is why they are contacting custom essay writing services for help. The good news is that we have made your life simple by providing you with tips on how to write a travel essay. 


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