Today’s vehicles are more fuel efficient than ever, so whether drivers are looking for luxury vehicles or hybrid sedans, they’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Not all cars are created equal, though, and fuel efficiency isn’t the only thing on drivers’ minds when they choose a new vehicle. Don’t buy a new car without checking out this list of five of the best fuel-efficient vehicles 2020 has to offer. You might be able to find them at auto salvage yards.

Best Fuel-Efficient Luxury Vehicle

Lexus has long been known for manufacturing high-end luxury vehicles, but this year the automaker also stands out for its commitment to fuel efficiency. The 2020 Lexus ES has plenty of space and all the features drivers and passengers need to ride in comfort but still manages to boast an impressive 44 MPG combined fuel economy, which is very competitive in its class. The ES is also joined by the NX and the UX as top contenders for fuel-efficient luxury vehicles. Visit Earnhardt Lexus to view options and learn more.

Best Fuel Efficient Budget Sedan

Not all drivers are looking for a luxury vehicle that will allow them to ride in style. For those who prioritize budget above all else and don’t mind going without all the extras, the 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is a good fit. The base, manual-transmission model gets a combined 35 mpg fuel economy. This may sound like nothing to write home about in comparison to the Lexus ES, but the Mirage G4 does have a much lower price tag, which makes it more accessible to working-class families.

Best Fuel Efficient Hybrid

The Prius has long led the pack when it comes to hybrids, and that hasn’t changed in 2020. The 2020 Toyota Prius boasts a combined 56 MPG fuel efficiency with an EPA range of 633 miles. It also features a roomier cabin and cargo area than previous model years, which gives it a boost in popularity over the slightly more fuel efficient but less driver-friendly 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid.

Best Fuel Efficient Hybrid SUV

While the Prius has cornered the market for years when it comes to hybrid cars, Toyota hasn’t managed to bring the same technological advancements to bear in larger vehicles. Thankfully, Lexus has stepped up to fill the void. The 2020 UX Hybrid offers an impressive 39 MPG combined fuel efficiency without sacrificing size, style, luxury, or drivability. It comes with four drive modes, impressive safety tech, and features like the Lexus Memory System, which improves comfort by saving driver’s seat and outside mirror positions.

Best Electric Vehicle

No list of fuel-efficient vehicles would be complete without at least mentioning the 2020 Tesla Model 3. This small, all-electric sedan offers 141 MPGe combined, meaning it leads the pack among electric vehicles when it comes to efficiency. It’s not a good fit for large families or anyone shopping on a budget, though, since Tesla’s new technology is still prohibitively expensive and doesn’t quite have the oomph required to power larger vehicles.

The Bottom Line

Not everyone is willing to sacrifice convenience, comfort, and style to go all electric, and that’s fine. Modern vehicle manufacturers have stepped up to the plate by incorporating hybrid systems into their lineups and improving fuel efficiency in their traditional vehicles. When in doubt about what type of car to buy in 2020, head to a trusted dealership to take one or more models out for a spin. It’s the best way to make a difficult choice.



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