Every man can has the opportunity to achieve a luxury, designer look. It is a simple art. Once you own a few staple classics in your closet,  you’re set. Fashion is all about simplicity and sophistication. It’s impossible to go wrong with the right shirt, a good pair of shoes and a tidy trouser. Steer away from outlandish colors and stick to a simple palette. Get it right and this will work for you at any time of year.

David Gandy is one of the world’s best dressed men.


There are five key things that every man should own in his wardrobe. They cover everything from casual to smart and work in any weather. They are simple items that will help you stand out from the crowd. Your want to be smart and tidy. stylish people tend to stick to the same basic rules. You can learn them. Once you’ve acquired these items, keep them in good condition. Do not forget to get the grooming and styling right.

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5.The right shoe


Men don’t need a closet full of shoes. A small range will cover you for any outfit. The classic dark brown Brogue is a must. It’s the perfect smart-casual shoe and works with most dark colors (except black). Then you’ll need the black cap toe Oxford shoe. It’s another fine smart-casual choice but you can wear it with a suit too. Finally, a simple trainer will cover the casual end of the spectrum.

Black Cap Oxford


4. Fitted white dress shirt

When buying a suit, many fall at the final hurdle: the shirt. The cherry on the cake of your suit is the dress shirt. It must be measured and tailored to fit your body size. You’ll only need one but it will serve you well.


3. Navy sport coat

The simple navy blue blazer will go with anything. It will instantly add a touch of class to any outfit. As long as you’re wearing a smart trouser, you can accompany most outfits with this blazer. It will tie it all together. It looks great over a casual Oxford shirt, polo shirt or just a t shirt.


2. Polo shirt

The polo shirt is a classic, simple t-shirt for any casual occasion. You can pick up a good one from RagRetail.com or the highstreet. If a polo shirt isn’t your style, a simple white t-shirt works with any jean choice.


1. Accessories 

A brown belt is a classic and will make a real impact when worn with your brown Brogues. It works best with a light blue shirt. The colors match perfectly. However, you can be creative here. A good watch will add the finishing touch to any outfit. Don’t go for an over complicated model. The simple timepieces are the best. Don’t wear one that’s too flashy. Finally, always keep a good selection of ties. They are great for looking good in the workplace and come in handy for more formal occasions.



Once you’ve stocked up on these essential items, you have everything you need. The most fashionable men never stray too far from these timeless classics – and neither should you.


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