The newest glass yacht design by Oregon native Lujac Desautel is a majestic vessel that shimmers with a glass-encased deck, offering passengers the incredible experience of feeling close to the ocean. The California College of the Arts architecture student designed SALT with minimalistic principles and user experience in mind.  From a distance, the yacht looks like it’s made entirely of glass. A closer inspection reveals that the central deck is encased in a glass atrium, and the rest of the boat sparkles with a shiny white finish. Open decks and breezy living spaces are abundant, letting passengers soak up sunshine and feel close to the water. When anchored, panels of the yacht’s hull unfold to create staircases into shallow swimming areas.
Desautel originally gained fame last year when he rolled out his first modular glass yacht design titled GLASS, which was inspired by childhood Lego projects. He says he strives to create pieces that seamlessly blend with the environment, giving users effortless ways to enjoy nature. “Like a fishing boat that embodies its specific function — to catch and store fish efficiently — or the single Lego piece that can be connected a thousand different ways, the simplicity of a design is not just the absence of clutter, but how a design can become a holistic embodiment of its intended purpose,” he says.

glass yacht

Lujac Desautel’s website
via [Like Cool]

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