If it was possible, having a personal clothing stylist, makeup artist, and hair stylist while on vacation would be ideal. Having them to keep you fresh for every photo and choosing out a trendy outfit for each occasion throughout the day would just be the best. However, just because this isn’t in your budget, it doesn’t mean you should feel anything less than ready for every single photo you take and event you go to on your getaway. From your style to hair and makeup hacks, it isn’t that hard to look and feel great. With so many ways you can keep yourself looking fresh while you are on vacation, here are six tips you should definitely follow.

Makeup Prep

Making sure you have the right beauty products is one of the first steps you should take for feeling good whilst you travel. If you are rushing around in the drugstore minutes before you have to leave for your flight, you are definitely guaranteed to miss something out. A great way to ensure you have everything you need is to gather up the empty packaging of products and samples that you use and like throughout the year. Put all these products in some sort of box. Taking that box to the drug store will make it easy to find and pick out all the products you need. Sephora has a fantastic travel section full of your favorite brand names and is extremely generous when it comes to free samples. Just go ahead and ask a salesperson.

Avoid a Luggage Crisis

Remember, it is easy for glass and bottles to break and leak in your suitcase. To avoid this messy situation, consider wrapping the openings of your products up in plastic, or secure them separately in ziplock bags (better for the environment). If you need to save space, pour liquid makeup into a contact case or pill box. If you do this, just think about how much you will use during your travels.

Wise Packing

When you pack, make sure you include a small toiletry kit full of makeup and skin care products as a carry-on. In this case, you can keep yourself looking fresh throughout the flight and have a back-up if your baggage gets lost, you are delayed or you are late for a connecting flight. These products don’t need to be a full face of makeup, just enough to slap on to keep yourself looking and feeling fresh.

Skin Hydration

The key to looking good is keeping hydrated. Airplanes are notorious for drying out skin due to the air conditioning. So, while you are on the plane, make sure you drink enough water during the flight. Don’t use hydrating skin mists while you are on the plane, as the air conditioning causes the water from the spritz to evaporate and takes layers of water from the skin along with it. This can dry you out even more than you were before. Drinking is the best hydration tactic, but if you want to retain moisture, make sure you use a great moisturizer or try a leave-on facemask.

Frizz Control

Frizzy hair is something most people want to avoid. While you are on vacation, especially if you are in a sunny destination, the humidity can cause frizz, as well as your own body sweat and constant dips in the sea or pool. The best way to control frizz is by using frizz control products (such as serum or cream) or hair masks. The popularity of anti-frizz sheets has begun to increase and they are very effective. They are less messy than serums and creams and are more portable.

Stay Trendy

Planning out what outfits you want to wear in advance doesn’t only make it easier to get yourself ready for the day, but it also ensures you look good and different in every photo. It can also help with packing. Making sure you plan your wardrobe ahead of time is very important and highly advised. Not only will it make it easier to get ready, but you can make sure your style is fashionable. A variety of trendy dresses, tops, bottoms, sunglasses, swimwear, and hats all need to be remembered. Shoes can be tricky as they are bulky and can take up a lot of space. Wearing the largest shoes you want to bring while you travel is best (so they don’t take up space in your suitcase). If you want some stylish travel shoes that can be used both during the journey and at your destination, you should consider looking at the Gucci shoes for women on SSENSE. They have a fantastic range of Gucci Sneakers that you really need in your life.

As you can see, the best way to keep yourself looking right and ready is to plan ahead carefully. Making sure you pack everything you need is essential. To help keep you more organized, write a list of everything you use daily. This will make it easier when it comes to packing everything you need.

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