Art is definitely one of the finer things in life. Everybody should take a little time to appreciate art once in a while, as it has so many benefits. Art is definitely not a waste of time; in fact, a life without it would be no life at all. Interested to know why? Read on…

1 .Art Helps to Develop the Entire Brain

Convergence, 1952 by Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock


School focuses mostly on the part of the brain that deals with things like maths and science. Art is important because it helps to develop the entire brain. It can help you to improve concentration, attention, hand eye co-ordination, strategic thinking, and more!

2. Art Allows One to Use all of Their Senses

Jeff Koons Is Curating An Exhibit At H&M's Newest Store - Forbes

Jeff Koons


Art helps the imagination to thrive, which in turn ignites the senses. Art helps us to learn to create ourselves, and experience the world around us in a variety of ways. Arts are about the better things in life; beauty, spirituality, stories, and more. Art helps us to believe for a moment that magic is real.

3. Art Has a Whole Separate Social Scene

WebMuseum: Hockney, David

David Hockney


The social scene of artists and art lovers is vast, and a great community. You can attend gallery events and exhibitions, meeting new people who share the same interests as you. Art is a wonderful way to meet new friends.

4. Art Gives People an Appreciation of History and Geography

Yayoi Kusama


Throughout time, art has been used as a way to express and communicate. Cave paintings have evolved massively with the human race. Looking at art can sometimes give you an understanding and idea of what life was like at a certain point in time.

5. Art Gives People the Same Feeling as Looking at a Loved One

Vincent van Gogh Online

Van Gogh

A few years back, people were studied when shown paintings by some of the world’s most amazing artists. The results were astounding. The brain showed an increase in blood flow straight away, in the same kind of way as when you look at a loved one. The most amazing thing about this study was that the people were picked at random, and had no previous knowledge of art before the test. They could not have known an artist or piece of work they were looking at. It could have been Picasso, or Geoffrey Key art. Their brains showed they enjoyed it anyway!

6. Art Allows Us to Express Our Feelings, With or Without Words

Romio Shrestha

Expressing one’s feelings can be difficult, but art allows us to do it with or without words. It’s a great way to let off some steam or commemorate a special occasion.

7. Art Allows People to Think Creatively and Keep an Open Mind 

Art shows that there are no right or wrong answers. It allows us to think creatively, and keep an open mind about certain things. Everything is not as it seems when it comes to art!

Everybody needs a little art in their life, whether you prefer to visit a gallery or hang your favorite piece on your wall!


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