With 2018 in full swing, a new set of trends has emerged and filled up the runaways of the best designers throughout the world. Let’s see the high-end fashion trends that will boom in 2018.


1. Pastel colors

If your outfit reminds of gelato, you’re on the right path. It’s an expected set of colors for the spring, but they look elegant and dreamy worn year round. Violet, lemon, pistachio… how can we get enough of them? Almond shades are delicate and elegant, while pale shades of green will make you look powerful. Lilac is also making a big comeback, so get yourself a lilac bag or heels to add a romantic touch to an outfit.

2. Bright colors

If you’re feeling confident and hoping to stand out from the crowd, wearing bright colors is a surefire way to make a bold statement. You could choose to wear several bright colors from head to toe or to wear a stunningly bright long, swaying skirt that will have all eyes on you.

Designers like the glamorous Victoria Beckham used tomato red to make a strong impression, while others like Balenciaga are not afraid to create a screaming canary yellow outfit. Other vibrating colors like emerald green or cheerful orange are used for both appealing accessories and eye-grabbing blouses.

3. Pencil skirts

There are a few pieces of clothing that are as shape-flattering as pencil skirts. Italian designers are usually the ones enjoying combining these sassy skirts with elegant, smart outfit, but this season they are all over the runways across the globe. Buy an interesting pencil skirt and base your whole outfit on the skirt — let it be the focus. And what shoes to choose with it? Well, spiky heels, of course. And if you want to shake up the look, wear socks, too.


4. The 80’s are back

The great Princess Di was once again an inspiration to this season’s trend. Don a pair of high-waisted jeans, slouchy white boots, jackets with puffed sleeves or try on a squared blouse with fun graphic prints.  Quirky, printed dresses accompanied by big shoulders are also the new elegance now.


5. Floral dresses

Of course, no summer can go by without floral dresses to be seen on the streets, and the summer of 2018 won’t be any different. The sweetness of these dresses is simply unsurpassed. You can wear it casually, over shorts and a high-necked blouse, but the glamorous 60’s can be seen in their prints, which is refreshing. Maybe it was once your grandmother’s outfit for a night out, but this season, it will be yours, too, and you’ll love it.

6. Slip dresses

Slip dresses are still in, but this time in a slightly different style — elegance and glamour are visible in slip dresses trimmed with crystals, made of tulle. They have a pinch of the 80s in them, creating a whole new look. When you find a perfect shiny slip dress, make sure you have beautiful strapped sandals comfortable to walk in.

7. Feathers

Feathers everywhere! Your shoulders have to be covered while white feathers. Maybe it isn’t fit for rain, but who cares? Old Hollywood glamour was all about feathers. And it’s not just about feathery clothes, you can also find perfect boots decorated with feathers. If you want something a bit calmer, buy a cute flamboyant feathery bag.

8. Fringe

Fringe is not reserved for the hippies. A carefully chosen dress by Calvin Klein and fringe will become a part of your fancy style. Other designers like Dior and Loewe also use the dramatic approach to fringe, letting it dominate both the clothes and accessories.



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