We wear them for the majority of the day. They are part of a functional outfit. We rely on them hugely, but do we take the time to think how important they are to us? We’re talking about shoes.

Think about it – if you were forced to leave your home with just one shoe or even no shoe, it wouldn’t be hugely uncomfortable and could even be dangerous. The pavements and our transport systems are kept clean by the city authorities but they can only bring them to a certain level of cleanliness. They can’t ensure to remove all danger from the ground and it’s not feasible for you to constantly watch your step or if it is, your journey would be hugely hindered.

Shoes also help our feet to develop at a young age, they assist our feet to form in the correct way. They give children physical stability and increase their independence. Shoes can also give us a confidence boost — putting on a pair of high heels immediately empowers the wearer whether it’s by finishing off an outfit or just through the additional height they provide. Shoes can also be a fashion statement. Men’s dress shoes can instantly take an outfit from casual to smart casual or formal dress shoes can add a touch of flair that a sombre suit alone cannot achieve.


The guys at Walsh Brother Shoes have put together this shoes infographic below which details some interesting facts about footwear and it showcases each fact through numbers. Enjoy the information and astound your friends with your new found appreciation for your shoes – check it out below!


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