The pregnancy test just came back and it’s official — you’re pregnant! You are thrilled about the upcoming arrival of your little one and excited to start planning the nursery.

While you have seen plenty of pictures of baby rooms that feature tons of pastel pink and blue, and “cutesie” decor, you have always had an affinity for a more luxurious look. Your entire home is filled with designer pieces, and you’d like your baby’s room to be extra special, too.

Fortunately, with some pre-planning, creativity and determination, it is quite possible to create a stylish baby nursery that complements the rest of your beautiful home. Consider adding various themes that you can choose from Kidsco.

Start with the furniture

Before you choose the paint colors for your baby’s walls, it is wise to select the furniture for the room; this way you can make sure it complements the shades you plan to put on the walls, ceilings and doors. Start with a comfortable and high-quality crib mattress; including the Perfect Rest 5.25-inch crib and toddler bed mattress from Sealy that is compatible with all standard sized cribs. Next, select the crib, dresser, chairs and other furniture and have it delivered to your home so you can ensure everything goes together so the room will look well planned.

When choosing colors, remember that babies love primary hues

As Parents notes, red is among the colors that infants see the best when they are first born. Interestingly, a newborn doesn’t see color at all, which is why super young babies tend to love toys and books filled with black and white shapes and patterns. After that, infants start to detect bold colors like red and green, followed by blue and yellow. Notice the word “pastel” is nowhere to be found here. When selecting paint swatches at your local store, go for fire engine red and grass green or other vivid shades for the walls, trim and doors.

Don’t forget the accent colors

If you prefer the sleeker look of white or tan walls, you can still have lots of fun with colorful accents. For example, select a comfortable chair for those late-night feedings in a fun pattern and color, then complement it with coordinating crib bedding. 

Once you choose your baby’s name, buy a personalized name sign and paint it a bright color that goes with the walls and furniture. And don’t forget the ceiling; you can either paint the ceiling a slightly lighter shade than the walls or you can work with an interior decorator to cover it with reclaimed wood or wallpaper it with an eye-catching pattern.

Feel free to skip the theme

While many parents select a theme for the nursery, this can cause them to go overboard decorating the room with only items from that theme. Go for a more eclectic and glamorous look that avoids a specific character and instead uses a variety of pieces that work well together. Sure, you can select an oversized giraffe for the corner of the nursery, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with animals for everything else. Consider adding various themes that you can choose from Kidsco.

Have fun decorating and enjoy that new baby

The next nine months will go by more quickly than you can imagine, and before you know it, your new little one will be sleeping and playing in his or her new nursery. Enjoy this special time and choosing stylish pieces for the nursery combined with an eye-catching color combo — you and your infant will be sure to love the room and want to spend a lot of time in there.


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