An old farmhouse has the charm of old architecture. But, you can transform that space into a luxury rental area for guests. However, you might not know how to design your farmhouse to deliver that premium appeal. Hence, it should be best for you to continue reading to know five tips to help you renovate your farmhouse and transform it into a lavish retreat. 


Prioritize Comfort


Try to put yourself in your guests’ shoes; at this point, imagine yourself staying in the farmhouse rental space. Now, ask yourself, “Does the location give you optimum comfort?”


If you answered ‘no,’ your visitors will probably think the same thing. Thus, you need to ensure your luxury farmhouse presents the best in terms of the level of comfort it can provide. In return, your guests will feel satisfied during and after their visit. 

So, how do you provide maximum comfort in your premium farmhouse?


Note that several methods exist to accomplish this goal. For instance, remodel the farmhouse living room with minimal aesthetics. Cluttered spaces tend to offer stressful vibes, and that’s the last thing you’d want the space to emanate to your visitors. 


Aim for developing a beautiful living room using off-white colors and rustic woods to create that cozy atmosphere. You may also include a soft carpet in the living room, making that location extra comfortable for both human and animal guests (if you allow visitors to bring their pets). Also, don’t forget to equip bedrooms with plush pillows and comfy mattresses. You’d want the people who rent the location to feel like they recently won a million dollars when they wake up. 


Now, you might wonder, why is comfort critical in designing your luxury farmhouse?  It’s because you’d want your guests to return. Plus, think of this space as your private getaway if you don’t have visitors arriving soon. 


Create An Inviting Entryway


You’d want your guests to feel astonished about the upcoming premium farmhouse getaway even before they enter the main area. Thus, consider creating an inviting entryway to give your visitors hints of the things they can expect during their visit. 


One way to achieve this objective is to get creative with the lighting. You can use a small chandelier or pendant lights to illuminate this area. You can also use different light fixtures and layer them to envelop the location with an interesting and inviting appeal. 


Furthermore, consider adding a comfy seat in your farmhouse’s entryway. Think of this piece of furniture as a small clue of what the rental space offers. But, remember to match the seat’s design with the theme of the location. Otherwise, that item might stick out like a sore thumb. 


Moving forward, you may also add a welcome mat by the doorway. Many homes have this piece of décor to let guests know that they’re always welcome to stay. 


Use Contemporary Colors


Perhaps, the first thought that comes to your mind when thinking about farmhouses are rustic or classic-looking spaces. But, you can bring your luxury rental farmhouse into the modern age and keep that vintage appeal by using contemporary colors. 


Aim for using neutral tones, such as gray and off-white, as these colors tend to look attractive when combined with other bright hues. Other modern color choices include dark blue, red, orange, and purple shades.  


You can also opt for a more contemporary yet earthy approach in designing your sophisticated farmhouse for rent. Therefore, think about using a soft green-and-gray color combination for the various rooms in the location. 


Use this color mixture on the walls, furniture, upholsteries, and other pieces of décor to create that modern yet vintage look. As a bonus, using this color scheme may allow the farmhouse to exude comforting vibes, allowing your visitors to relax and keep their woes at bay.  


Other color combinations you may consider for your premium rental farmhouse include the following:


  • Deep purple, rose, and dark or light gray
  • Blue, green, and gray
  • Wine red, light green, and gray
  • Powder blue, orange, and off-white
  • Bluish gray and brown


Consider The Location


It’s vital to focus your designing efforts on the farmhouse. But, don’t forget to consider the farmhouse’s location when thinking about its overall design. 


For example, does the farmhouse sit on a land filled with history and culture?  If so, try to incorporate some of that culture into the space’s design. Include artworks or incorporate some of the region’s historical artifacts in different rooms. 


Also, try to integrate design elements that match or complement the location’s prime attractions. For instance, the rental space is near the beach. Thus, create a homey atmosphere for your guests that constantly remind them about the many exciting activities to do at the beach. 


You might focus on using blues, grays, and whites for the space’s primary color scheme. Otherwise, you may include décor pieces like floaters and artworks on the walls depicting marine life. 


Don’t Go Overboard


Perhaps. the only limitation that prevents you from getting creative with the luxury farmhouse’s design is your imagination. But, it’s also quite easy to go overboard with its appearance. 


You may always be searching for premium farmhouse design inspirations on the Internet. But, doing so might lead to a condition known as ‘analysis paralysis.’ This condition makes you overthink, preventing you from implementing your design choices. 


Also, finding several ideas online may lead you to incorporate several design options to the rental space. In return, it may lead to design choices mismatching, making the space’s overall appearance to look cluttered and tacky. 

Thus, take some time and imagine the final look of the farmhouse. Try to see yourself walking its halls and rooms, even if you haven’t begun with the renovations yet. That image should feel powerful in your mind that you’ll do what it takes to accomplish that look.  


One way to ensure that you’re going to get that desired design is to write your ideas on paper. Don’t rely too much on your mind as your creative brain might bombard you with several different yet confusing ideas. 


Final Words


Transform an old farmhouse into a luxurious rental space with the tips mentioned in this article. Remember, prioritize comfort, use contemporary colors, and note the space’s location when thinking of the space’s final design. Do your research and take your time to develop or remodel this premium hangout spot for your guests. In return, your visitors may not wait to return to the sophisticated retreat you offer. 


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