La Mamounia is frequented by royalty, celebrities and the most fashionable jet setters of the world. Surrounded by plush manicured gardens, this Moroccan palace is filled with dramatic drapes, intricate patterned tiles and stunning chandeliers. Four enticing restaurants and four fantastic bars are placed throughout the property for your enjoyment.

A few years ago, the property went through a gargantuan multi-million dollar refurbishment. The hotel is home to some of the most opulent weddings in the world where the ultra-rich come to turn this place into their own hedonistic paradise. Opened in 1923, it is located in the very heart of Marrakesh surrounded by the city’s 12th century ramparts. For 80 years, it has emphasized the traditions of Moroccan hospitality.

Back in the day, La Mamounia was frequented by Winston Churchill during his winter breaks and he called it “the most lovely spot in the whole world.” He insisted that Franklin D. Roosevelt visit the property and that’s exactly what he did during a Casablanca Conference.

With 209 rooms and 71 suites, enjoy a traditional Hammam spa, beauty salon, and tennis courts. The gym is ultra fashionable with a cool blue tint to it. Rooms are filled with bespoke bath products by Olivia Giacobetti.

For more information, visit La Mamounia.

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