From The Sovereign Yacht to Eclipse here are the Extravagant Luxury Yachts you will want to sail around the world in!

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5. The Sovereign Yacht
It doesn’t seem that spacious, but The Sovereign Yacht houses an infinity pool, 10 guests suites, a nightclub, a library, movie theater, a gym, and even a helipad. The yacht measures at 100 m long and is complete with 3 decks. This sleek boat was designed by none other than Gray Design, a company founded by Eduard Gray, that specializes in the extravagant luxury yachts. With a solar panel for the roof and windmills around parts of the structure, it’s supposed to be an incredibly eco-friendly ride through the water. If all of those amenities weren’t luxury enough, should you desire a limousine in addition to everything else, that’s available for you, too.

4. Dilbar
It might not look like anything special on the outside, but this luxury super yacht known as Dilbar is valued at over $250 million. Dilbar is owned by Russian business magnate and billionaire Alisher Usmanov. Andrew Winch designed the inside and it was built in 2008. When it comes to volume, Dilbar is not only among the largest, but is apparently the largest yacht in the world. Its length measures at 156 m, or about 360 ft long. About 20 guests can stay aboard Dilbar, as it has an interior space of around 41,000 sq ft–and two helipads in case anyone needs more helicopter room.

3. Adastra
If this yacht looks like it belongs over the skies of an alien planet, then the designers did their job. This spaceship on the sea is known as Adastra, a superyacht designed by famous boat designer John Shuttleworth. What made this vessel even more famous aside from its unique and recognizable design is that it can be controlled by iPad–as long as it doesn’t exceed the 50 m perimeter from the Apple device. Although it’s not the most spacious of yachts, only measured at 42.5 m long, it still is valued at a price of over 15 million British pounds.

2. Al Said
Of course, if the owner is Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said of Oman, then no one should be surprised this super-yacht is estimated to cost around $300 million. It can reach up to speeds of 22 knots, which sounds great for the 70 guests allowed onto the yacht as guests, along with a crew of 154 people. If you couldn’t have guessed, on top of all the regular accommodations that the extravagant luxury yachts like these tend to have, there’s even a large concert hall in case all that other luxurious stuff was getting too tedious.

1. Eclipse
You know a boat is going to be the high end when it has a name like Eclipse attached to it. At an estimated value of $500 million, the Eclipse is so prestigious that it’s often known to be called “the $1.5 billion yacht” despite it costing around half of that. It’s one of those things where its reputation precedes itself. This luxury motor yacht was built by the same company who made the minimalistic A, Blohm + Voss, the German shipbuilding company that was founded in all the way back in 1877. Eclipse was launched in the summer of 2009, its port of registry being Hamilton, Bermuda. It’s over 165 m in length or 533 ft. What’s interesting and possibly the most unique about Eclipse is that it has what is said to be an “anti-paparazzi system” which consists of a laser that has the ability to detect lights used in cameras.

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