You may have struggled with the failures in the first attempt of working on your project. Failing in your attempts may not necessarily mean that you will never succeed. You may get a big success on your last trial.

Never imagine that you are the only person struggling with failures in your trials. If you can’t get the right photo, write an A+ custom research paper or find a good job, it’s not a time to stop. Several great entrepreneurs made it out of their previous failures and mistakes. Some of them even had to quit their jobs to venture into their ideas that did not pick up on their first trial.

The article will provide a list of successful entrepreneurs who once made mistakes and learned from their failures to become great people in history.

Walt Disney

Ever thought of the brains behind the successful Walt Disney World theme pack? Walt Disney is the man behind this big business. Walt Disney once worked with a newspaper publishing firm where he was dismissed from his job for not being creative and imaginative enough. His business is currently worth 35 billion dollars. That should surprise you!

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison Edson is a man who knew 9000 times how electric bulbs could not work before discovering a way to make it light. He failed 9000 times before succeeding in his last 10000th attempt. His success comes after persistence in trying out the idea over and over again.

Fred smith

Fred has once received a dismissal letter from Apple computers company. He is the brains behind the current success of the company. Fred doesn’t regret the first dismal from his job. Instead, he thinks that his dismissal was a positive move to him. It gave him time to work on his skill and sharpen his creativity.

Oprah Winfrey

Who is the Queen of Daytime Talk TV? Oprah Winfrey was fired from a media house. After her dismal as a reporter in the media house, she joined a show that made her upgrade her worth. she is currently worth 2.7 US dollars.

Steven Spielberg

Never imagined rising again after three consecutive failures? Steven Spielberg made it after getting fired thrice from a media house. He is famous for directing the three mega-hits, which include Jaw, Jurassic, and Park.

Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris made a book publication that 25 publishers neglected. that did not kill his vision for the book he had in the heart. The book is currently the most selling publication with millions of buyers. The book has made Tim Ferris’s wealth ranking increase to $100 million.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford did not make it in his first automotive company. He experienced some failure before he founded his two famous automotive companies .at the point of his death, he had an approximate worth of $188 billion.

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders is a famous entrepreneur known for his Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) business. Before the success of his business, it is reported that his recipe was rejected 1000 times.


If you begin a business project, it is not obvious that you will get a breakthrough in your first attempt. You can make several trials before succeeding in your idea. You don’t need to give up after failures; instead, press on for success.

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