Our mundane lives tend to be routine and nothing extra special about them. Sometimes as we go through our routine, we almost hope for something extra magical to happen. We might get caught up in witnessing an accident and that becomes our “exciting” moment of the day. More often, we head home and watch a movie about some extraordinary things happening to others and try to dissect how we would behave in their situation. However, nothing is more fantastic than taking a vacation and seeing those fantasies come to life!

The Wonder of Disney

Most us grew up watching Disney movies and television shows. We raise our own children with a love for Disney animations. When it comes to a vacation, we can now bring those fantasies to life by having our very own Disney trip. With choices between Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruises, there is something that can cater to every budget and desire. Luxurious hotels, dining with your favorite Disney characters, and visiting the theme park for a day of pure childish fun is a perfect way to enjoy the best fantasies Disney ever brought you. Gentlemen, if you really want to impress your lady, have some Disney themed cupcakes or some luxury roses in a box delivered to your room. She will feel like the Princess she has always wanted to be!

The Iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle.

La Nuit Savage: The Dream Factory

Have you ever been in awe of your dreams? Wondered how and why they are what they are and why they make you feel a certain way? Now you can embrace a dream-like state without ever having to fall asleep. La Nuit Savage is a new way to experience performance art. You won’t be sitting still for long, this is an interactive performance with the audience. You are taken through a series of rooms, each with their own tantalizing theme. Incredible music accompanies the experience to give you the best in fantasy. Reviews far and wide recommend that you go in with no expectations; really open yourself to the experience and you will come to appreciate fantasy in a new way.

Cirque Du Soleil

A trip would constitute itself as fantasy all on its own, right? Not unless you include a Cirque Du Soleil show! In just 90 minutes you can experience a variety of acrobatics and curious illusionary tricks that will tantalize the senses and fill you with a wide range of emotions. They offer about seven shows that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Love the Beatles? There is a show for you! Love Michael Jackson? Yep, a show for you too! How about a desire to watch something a little more on the tribal side? The shows Ka and Mystere are right up your alley. Is there anyone who hasn’t enjoyed a Cirque Du Soleil show? We don’t think so! Catch a show and make your Vegas trip more magical than it ever could have been.

Vacations are a perfect time to bring the magic and fantastical into your world. We may daydream about having amazing things happen in the middle of our mundane day. Really, it’s better to enjoy it on your vacation. It will give you even more reason to take another vacation again the next year so that you can relive those amazing moments.




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