It can be tricky picking out new fine laptops, especially with all the new models out there right now. The endless lists of specs, features and bold claims can also add to the confusion! Let us help you through the terminology as your own personal laptop jargon buster and present you with a straightforward list of the top five fine laptops on the market right now and available to buy at Tesco.

1. The budget buy

The HP Stream 11-d016na is the perfect choice if you just want fine laptops that perform well and look good without the hefty price tag. If you’re starting college this year and need something to write those essays on and research your subject, this is ideal. The 11.6-inch LED-backlit display also makes the laptop a handy device for watching films and looking at photos on. The colorful, lightweight design enables you to carry it around with ease and pride.

Computador Portátil y Teléfono de Apple

2. The flashy choice

At the other end of the scale we have the Apple 12″ MacBook in gold or silver. Apple fans will love this update of the beloved MacBook, with 8GB memory and 512GB flash storage. Its powerful processor allows this model to run all sorts of programs — great for designers, movie makers, tech addicts and basically anyone who needs more than basic Windows Office. Thinner and lighter than ever before, this is a leader on the laptop scene.

MacBook (12-Inch) vs. MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 13 (2015) fine laptops

3. The media buff

If you like your films and TV shows, turn to the Acer Aspire ES1-531. Thanks to the highly efficient processor you can flit from one app to the next hassle-free. The 15.6-inch screen and ES1-531’s integrated stereo speakers also makes it possible for you to watch your content with vivid, razor-sharp visuals and an immersive sound system. A unique feature is the M-DISC Ready™ optical drive, which lets you store a huge media archive (it was even successfully tested by the US Department of Defense!).


4. The cool kid

This is the newest model on the block, the Toshiba C50-B-189. Its sleek design houses a huge 1TB Hard Drive, so it performs as nicely as it looks. It also has an HD TV with LED 15.6 inch, a powerful Intel processor that gets to work as soon as you switch the power button and the newest version of Windows to keep you on your toes. Basically, it has everything you’d expect from the newbie.


5. The Chromebook

Models that run on Google’s Chrome OS continue to rise in popularity as they are easy-to-use, compact and relatively fast. They also come in at a reasonable starting price. This little number has 2GB of memory, easily connects to Wi-Fi hotspots and boots up in just seven seconds. This is the right model for those who have long commutes and want to access a computer for both basic work and play tasks.


With models of fine laptops to suit every budget and lifestyle, hopefully, you’ll have your eye on one of the recommendations above.

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