With over 5 million followers, Beautiful Destinations is a top account on Instagram (after all the Kardashians, of course). Founder Jeremy Jauncey explains in a lecture at Skift Global Forums how the travel industry can utilize Instagram to engage new users.

Why you should use Instagram if you are in the travel industry:

  • Instagram has over 400 million visitors.
  • The average user uses Instagram for 21 minutes.
  • 353 million posts are about travel on Instagram.
  • Instagram is all about creating inspiration to travel.
  • The travel industry is the 2nd slowest industry to adapt Instagram

How brands can get smarter on Instagram:

If you’re looking for success on Instagram, you need to understand what factors drive account growth. When you post content that is not engaging, you are actually losing followers. You need to understand the composition, color, scale, hue to the percentage of person to see. Look at your most successful posts and determine which elements make them the most engaging.

How an Influencer can interact with your account:

1. Creating new content
2. Liking your content
3. Commenting on your content
4. Shout outs
5. Tagging you in content
6. Follow your account

Create social first content. 

Most people have seen pictures of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. This is a very traditional image:

When this Instagram influencer took a selfie at Christ the Redeemer, the picture went viral instantly and was picked up by traditional media outlets.

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