If you’ve recently bought a new sports car or another top-end vehicle then you’ll be thrilled to know that, despite how fast it can go and how much power your new vehicle already packs, you can get more speed and horsepower out of your vehicle. Whether it’s a new Chevrolet Corvette or something even more prestigious such as a Nissan GT-R, there are countless ways that you can squeeze even more performance out of your new set of wheels.



Computerized Car Tuning


Almost every luxury sports car has a whole array of improvements and tuning options that allow for more speed, power and control of your vehicle. These can range from cold air intakes to tire upgrades, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can make manual adjustments to the engine and components of your vehicle using an sct tuner.


However, it should be noted that car tuning can have some adverse effects if it’s not done by a professional. If you plan to tune your own car, then you’ll want to learn about how a car works and do ample research on what each part does and how its performance affects your overall experience when you drive. If possible, always consult a mechanic before tuning your car. Depending on what vehicle you own, you could have different options that will allow for a smoother car ride, better traction or even increased acceleration.


Tire Upgrades


Even if you have plenty of power under the hood thanks to modifications and tuning, you’re not going to make much progress if you don’t have performance tires that support the increased power. This is where tire traction comes into play. A good set of tires can make a world of difference when driving. To get the most out of your tires, you need to learn that each weather season calls for a different type of tire. Don’t go for general tires that promise moderate performance for every weather condition.


Instead, do research on tires for summer when the roads are dry, and tires for winter when the roads are slippery. Make sure you check online for reviews on each tire so that you understand their treadwear ratings, how well they handle different weather conditions and even the amount of noise they emit. If you don’t do enough research, then having a bad pair of tires that don’t fit your needs could turn your new sports car into the world’s most expensive outdoor decoration.


Cold Air Intakes


Cold air intakes are arguably the most efficient upgrade in terms of value for money. Depending on the manufacturer you pick and the car you own, you could even install it on your own with a few typical DIY tools and some knowledge about how your vehicle works. Despite how simple this all sounds, a cold air intake actually gives your car a good horsepower boost.


A cold air intake moves the engine’s air filter away from the engine itself, making the air that’s sucked in cooler. Cooler air carries more oxygen, giving your engine more performance for the same amount of fuel that you burn. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s an extremely effective and cheap way to improve horsepower because your engine can breathe more freely and work more efficiently thanks to the cleaner air that it’s taking in.

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