DLX Contributor Romana Schützová went to Budapest to experience its luxurious lifestyle. Here’s her report on places like four seasons hotel and many other.

Budapest, the pearl of Danube, has it all. Hot springs, ancient palaces, baroque churches, magical secluded places, delicious Tokay wine and the fiery dance called czardas. Here are the top five places to hit in the Hungarian capital, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

four seasons hotel

Image courtesy of the Four Seasons Hotel.


Four Seasons Hotel was built in 1906 in an art deco style and placed in an ideal location to explore the city. Just a few steps from the iconic Széchenyi Chain Bridge over the Danube River where magic comes to life after sunset and the whole bridge lights up. But it is the art deco style of the hotel that will devour your senses. When you enter the hotel foyer, you will be overwhelmed by an original interior — a dramatic grand crystal chandelier, stained glass, and mosaic floor. The charm of the old times combines here together with a modern design. 179 rooms including 19 glamorous suites are state-of-the-art. Pure luxury.  


You can walk into the fancy restaurant Kollázs Brasserie & Bar via the Four Seasons lobby or from the street. Kollázs means college and even the interior of the restaurant looks like college; a marvelous blend of the old world and contemporary, opulent and simple. The food of Hungary is a direct reflection of everything else about the country — its geography, history, culture, people. The menu here is a collage of Hungarian specials and international cuisine, the kitchen is both creative and classic.

What to have as a starter? The escargots are a must. The main course can be a challenge. You will soon discover that a combination of octopus, scallops, potato, paprika, and sausage works very well. The scallops are as delicious as you would hope them to be and you explore a new world of authentic culinary moments. No lover of Hungarian cuisine or multicultural tapestry of flavors should miss this place.  

four seasons hotel

Image courtesy of the Dunarama.


Stroll on cobblestone path to get to a luxurious water limousine of Dunarama, which sets sail on the Danube River on the jetty Dock8A, just a few steps from the Marriott hotel. The stunning panorama with the Buda Hills on the one side and Pest on the opposite side is a must-see when you are in Budapest. You will be welcomed on board by a glass of champagne. Then, sitting comfortably in its leather-covered seats you will not miss the most notable sights, including the House of Parliament, the Buda Castle, the Gellért Hill and the famous university campuses. A unique, magical and unforgettable experience. 

four seasons hotel

Image courtesy of the Brody Land.


You have to ring the bell and be on the list to get into Brody Studios.  A membership-only private club is nestled behind the heavy wooden door in a quiet part of Budapest just a few steps from the famous and elegant Andrássy Avenue, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You could be sipping your cocktail or drinking the finest wines in an open-air courtyard or one of the four bars, listen to live music and enjoy “art de Vivre.” To be on the guest list is not a problem if you are a guest of the Four Seasons Hotel Budapest.

four seasons hotel

Image courtesy of the Brody Land.


Writer’s Villa, an exclusive boutique hotel of your dreams, is hidden away in the Buda Hills. The former home of celebrated Dutch writer author, Jaap Scholten, the Villa has 7 double bedrooms, all of which can be made into twins and can sleep up to 14 people. It also serves as a glamorous setting for private events. A swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room and tranquil garden designed by Baroness Margaretha Voërst van Lynden await those looking for relaxation and privacy. The pride of this villa is an exceptionally rare Zsolnay fountain.

To learn more about Budapest, visit the Tourism information Portal of Budapest.


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