Unwinding yourself amidst beautiful mountains, breathtaking scenery, and the scrumptious food is all that one would look for in a dream vacation. Scottish Highlands is one place that offers it all. While you can reach this serene Scottish dreamland by air and by road, we believe a luxury train ride to your destination will give you an experience that you would not want to miss in Scotland tour. Think about an exhilarating journey through the lush green Scottish mountains in a luxury vintage train carriage that not only makes you feel at home but also sets your travel experience a class apart. The Belmond Royal Scotsman aims at redefining your travel experience. When your destination is a place as mythical, historical and full of nature as Scottish Highlands, a long, tiring journey via air or road does not justice to your travel plan. Here is why we believe that Belmond Royal Scotsman is your best travel partner on your route to the staggeringly gorgeous Scottish Highland tours.


The Royal Treatment:

Belmond Royal Scotsman stands true to its name as you start to feel like a royalty before your voyage even begins. When you arrive at the Edinburgh platform, which is where your voyage will start from, you are a piper will escort you to the station’s first class lounge for some tea or coffee. Once the train is ready for boarding the piper will lead you to the train where you will be welcomed in the train’s social lounge. This lounge is furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs and has a bar that serves tea, coffee and a large variety of Scottish whiskeys from Lagavulin to Oban to Dalwhinnie. The best part is that this enormous selection of fine beverages is included in the fare. An observation car is also attached to the lounge so that you can click some memorable pictures while you indulge yourself in nature’s glory on your way to Scottish Highlands.

Classy Accommodation:

Nothing beats the class and aura that is created by a personal vintage cabin that has intricately done wooden walls that reminds you of the Victorian era. This comfortable suite takes your travel experience a notch up and makes you feel like a royalty while you read your favorite book while unwinding in the cozy plush Scottish bedding. A dedicated wardrobe, a dressing table and an attached bath that is equipped with all the necessary toiletries and bathroom supplies and appliances add to the luxury. You can choose to book yourself a single suite or the one with two beds. That is ideal if you are traveling with a partner on Scottish highland tours. The train stables at a quiet stable every night so that you enjoy a good night’s sleep without any disturbance or discomfort.



Spa Treatments:

When riding on one of the luxury trains like Belmond Royal Scotsman, you do not need to worry about the stress and fatigue that traveling brings in the package on Scottish highland tours. Relax and unwind your muscles while some of the most expert therapists pamper you with natural therapies that not only aim at relaxing your mind and body but also rejuvenate your skin. The onboard Spa offers a vast menu of services to choose from that includes a variety of facials, massages for de-stressing and manicure and pedicure rituals while you are on the go towards your destination to a Scotland tour.


Tantalizing Food Options on Scotland tour

The level of luxurious traveling experience offered by Belmond Royal Scotsman does not end at your suite and spa treatments in Scotland tour. It boasts an unparalleled combination of fine dining experiences and scrumptious food on board. The meals and beverages offered in these elegant dining cars are all included in the fare, so you can enjoy your food without worrying about additional payments. The food that is served is piping hot and freshly cooked n the train’s kitchen. Do not forget to take one of your dinner jackets along as you might have to attend at least one formal on your journey.


Off Train Excursions

Belmond Royal Scotsman makes several small stopovers on its way so that you can enjoy a lot of activities and explore the new areas. Some of the main attractions include the clay pigeon shooting and a visit to a whiskey distillery. This is something you can never experience in other modes of transport.


The Exhilarating Scenery

The Scottish Highlands in a Scotland tour is a home to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in the world. While the road routes have become a tad bit disappointing as the modern roads have taken away the “highlands feel” of the old times, the train journey still lets you enjoy that experience. Expansive farmlands, beautiful countrysides, crystalline rivers flowing through the mountains and beautiful bridges are all part of the picturesque landscape that will mesmerize you for a long time.


The Belmond Royal Scotsman offers a wide selection of two, three and four night’s Scottish highland tours for you to choose from. If you are planning to travel anytime soon, a Belmond Royal Scotsman luxury train ride to Scottish Highlands should be on your 2018 bucket list.

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