We’ve curated a superlist of some fun brands that will make you feel luxurious and beautiful on your quarantine. Sometimes, all you need is a little self care to uplift your mood. Why not try some of these amazing products?


18.21 Man Made – 18.21 Man Made is a Texas based business, owned and operated by Angel del Solar, Aston LaFon and David del Solar. They are three hardworking gents that share a passion for making premium, uncommon goods that gentlemen take pride in owning. Along their journey they noticed that the landscape of men’s grooming goods had become somewhat mundane and all shared similar characteristics. They became inspired by the bootlegging of the American prohibition and began to bootleg their own custom grooming mixtures. 18.21 Man Made namesake is an homage to the 18th amendment which, started the prohibition and was later repealed by the 21st amendment. The approach is to always provide uncommon goods which, feel uniquely American in nature and provide a nostalgic yet modern grooming experience. And, they meticulously form this experience through the use of exceptional materials, choice ingredients and the custom crafted aroma of sweet tobacco. By supporting professionals with a complete strategy to Spoil Him, they can elevate the value of the Men’s grooming service and establish a movement centered upon the finest masculine grooming experience. 


BaeBody – your go-to products for healthy body, skin, and hair. Baebody Beauty and Baetea are the internet’s favorite “Bae” and sell some of the hottest products on Amazon – they created the #1 best-selling eye gel. With over 30,000 positive reviews, all Bae products have 4+ stars. Bae has won the hearts of consumers resulting in repeat clientele and hundreds of thousands of new customers annually.

A cult favorite for skincare junkies, the safe, natural, and effective brand was born from a digital whitespace giving consumers exactly what they were searching for but couldn’t find. Because consumer’s hair, skin, and body health comes Before Anyone Else, Baebody products are cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, safe for all skin types, and made in the USA. Baetea – is a delicious collection of best-selling teas and gummies which contain natural ingredients and nutritious vitamins. A proprietary blend of herbs will calm & cleanse your body, boost your energy, promote fullness, and/or suppress your appetite. 

MasqueBARat Look Beauty, they are your eyes on the world. They believe that there are beauty breakthroughs out there if you look hard enough to find them. And that’s what they do at Look Beauty. Their team travels across Asia, Europe and the Americas to search out factories capable of developing unique products. The mission is to take you beyond what you will find today in stores and spas.

They are determined to seek out unique products that will make a difference in your beauty regimen. One example of Look Beauty’s go-beyond-the-expected philosophy is their line of do it yourself masques. Developed in Korea, these sheet masques are breakthroughs because the serum or essences that are made to treat the skin are either soaked or brushed onto a thin cotton or fiber sheet, that is pre-cut to match the contour of your face. They are also designed with holes to protect your eyes, lips and nostrils.

Applied professionally by a beautician, this kind of treatment can cost many times what Look Beauty lets you do at home, for so much less. If there’s a safe, effective and affordable beauty product or treatment that’s helping women to look their best, the ‘beauty explorers’ at Look Beauty are determined to find it and bring it to you. 


Merle Norman Cosmetics headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Merle Norman Cosmetics develops, manufactures and distributes its own full line of skin care and cosmetic products. These cosmetics are sold through independently owned and operated Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios in the United States and Canada as well as through their ecommerce. 85 years ago, Merle Norman formulated products to address the beauty needs of women—and empowered many to become successful entrepreneurs who owned their own Studios.

Today, Merle Norman’s vision carries on under the leadership of her great nephew, Jack Nethercutt. Merle Norman ensures optimum quality control by researching, developing, manufacturing, and packaging its own products. They take pride in their pioneering efforts that optimize each product benefit—from advanced formulas to state-of-the-art packaging technology. Safety of consumers is their highest priority. They utilize the latest advances in non-animal safety testing and human volunteer testing to deliver products of the highest safety and quality to our consumers.

Merle Norman started the “try before you buy” philosophy, which continues to this day, emphasizing their strong stand on customer service. They believe in the free makeover and that the right makeup can change your life. 


nügg Beauty – cute but Serious! nügg’s mission is to deliver top quality, simple yet powerful, natural & clean skin treatments at pocket-friendly prices and in pocket-friendly packaging. Our award- winning nüggets of goodness are designed to make you feel great in your skin – not only by addressing specific skin issues but also by making skin feel soft, smooth and silky to the touch! They believe in a gentle and long-term approach to skincare that helps enhance and protect the skin barrier function.

Because, after all, skin is meant to form a barrier to keep irritants out and moisture in, so the ultimate goal of skin treatments should be to make that barrier as strong and healthy as possible. They are committed to clear standards for natural-ness and to avoid “no go” ingredients in their products. They follow the Natural Product Association list to determine what they consider natural. They formulate all of their products without petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors and synthetic fragrances. Where they can, they also forego preservatives by formulating products without water.

The lip sugar scrub, peel-off masks and SKIN FIZZ are their first steps in that direction with more to come. The packaging is pocket-friendly and minimized for environmental purposes, e.g., the amount of packaging used for 5 x 10ml single serve face mask pods is less than that of many 50ml tubes or jars with all components and outer packaging involved. You can recycle their pods, cards, and cardboard boxes. However, when it comes to packaging, there is still lots of room to improve for the benefit of our planet and that is a big focus for nügg in the year to come! The collection is registered with the EU cosmetic regulatory body which has stringent ingredient guidelines concerning allowable ingredients and chemicals (for example, there are around 1300 ingredients banned from use in cosmetics in the EU and only 11 banned in the US). 


Saints & Sinners – it’s no surprise that the professional hair care industry is littered with wannabe collections promising the world and delivering nothing. Execs out to make a quick buck without passion for the artists or brands are everywhere. It’s time they step aside and watch the “Sinnergy” unfold. Welcome to your new obsession: Saints & Sinners. Born from necessity – founder Michael & Diana Wilson’s children have a deadly peanut allergy – and raised among true session stylists, the Saints & Sinners collection is free of over 14 harmful ingredients, is cruelty-free, vegan, and provides hairdressers with the proper tools they need to make their cuts and color come to life.

The Velvet Collection is a luxurious grouping of highly effective ingredients, sexy, intoxicating fragrances, custom packaging that feels as good in the hand as it looks in the shower, and a promise of touchable, gorgeous hair – whether your feeling more saintly subdued or ready for some trouble with rocking tresses. Enough of the ordinary – it’s time to embrace Saints & Sinners and flaunt that badass hair! 


Suki Skincare – this gorgeously clean skin care collection is not only extremely efficacious and loved by clean skin care aficionados, but the brand constantly collaborates with dermatologists, scientists, and countless others to ensure they are innovating with the latest in clean technology. This allows the brand to provide 100% clean, synthetic-free, scientifically advanced skin care solutions safe enough for all skin types and safe on the planet. Their purpose is to provide strong, safe, sustainable skincare solutions, 100% Clean 100% Effective, 100% For The Planet. Their philosophy is to Know Your Beauty which is about full transparency.

Know what is in your products, going on and in your body. Most importantly know and own your beauty. They value: Efficacy clinically proven, strong, safe, solutions with high levels of concentration that actively stimulate and work to balance skin’s natural functions. Safety products safe enough for sensitive skin. Nature & Science – harmoniously working together to provide innovative & progressive ways of elevating the pureness of nature to its most advanced state. Responsibility ethical and moral obligation to their customers and the planet to uphold safe sustainable practices. 


theBalm – welcome to theBalm, where they believe in empowered glamour – feeling your best and looking incredible as you turn heads for all the right reasons. Confidence is a gorgeous color on you – it really brings out your eyes. So their mission is to be there for you when you want to look good in a matter of minutes (not that we’re timing). From Founder Marissa Shipman: “It’s simple; I wanted to wake up and love what I do every day. And me? I’m obsessed with beauty. I knew there were things missing from my arsenal. So in 2004, I quit my job, crafted a plan, started mixing ingredients and theBalm was born. Over the years our philosophy has remained the same; to create makeup that inspires you to do what you love and look damn good doing it.They have cosmetics down to a fine art – timeless, versatile and always picture perfect. With velvet textures, rich colors, triple- milled pigments and anti-aging ingredients (not that you need it), they’re committed to creating premium cosmetics at an accessible price. They do this so you can release your inner artist and feel fabulous – wherever the day takes you. All products are Paraben-, cruelty-, and talc-free. Look for their Clean & Green initiative! 


Zodica Perfumery – Zodica Perfumery is a small-batch and artisanal line of celestial-inspired fine fragrances. Each perfume reflects the emotion and season of its sign as designed by founder Kristi Moe. Kristi Moe, a national beauty industry veteran, perfected each scent over the course of three years with the world’s finest perfume ingredient suppliers. The result is a collection that honors both the sign’s essence and seasonal month. The collection is designed to be worn in three ways: by sign, by season or by attraction.

You may embrace your sign, reflect the current season, or attract the sign’s intention into your day through scent and spoken-word. Each perfume is paired with a poem that is meant to be spoken before wearing to unleash the inspired intention into the universe. Be inspired to live by the romance of the stars and the energy of the mysterious. Lift your mood, set the direction of your day and be charmed by this unique moment in time with the Zodica perfume collection. Handcrafted in the USA with organic ingredients. Cruelty-Free. Vegan. Gluten-Free. 


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