by Crystal Willson

Cannabidiol, or CBD, comes with a cocktail of health and dietary benefits that any fitness freak can take advantage of. Most notably, the substance delivers immense analgesic effects that can help you recover faster from muscle aches and joint pains. CBD’s anti-anxiety properties will also go a long way in relieving stress and lifting your moods so that you can focus better on your sets. 

However, adding CBD to your fitness routine may not be a walk in the park, especially if you are a new user. No need to fret, though. We’ve prepared a 6-step guide that will help you to safely integrate CBD into your health and fitness routine without making any drastic changes to your life.


Have a Compelling Vision


Even before you can fully integrate CBD into your fitness routine, you should begin by defining your vision. This is essentially your fitness goal. It could be that you’re looking to increase your abs. Or perhaps your goal is to shed off a few pounds and maintain a lean body. Whatever it is, visualize what you want to become and then work towards achieving those visions. 

As you shall find, your exercise goals greatly influence how you’re going to integrate CBD into your fitness regime. For instance, CBD doses vary depending on how energy-intensive a workout is. HIIT exercises will require higher doses, considering that these exercises burn calories much faster. 

With a clear vision, it doesn’t matter how small you begin. You’ll always have something you’re aiming to achieve. And that sense of self-drive and self-discipline will be handy in helping you to remain true to your CBD doses.


Choose the Right Products


All CBD products are not made equal. If you’re a beginner, you should start out with hemp-derived CBD. Note that CBD can be derived either from hemp or marijuana, both of which are variants of the cannabis plant. However, hemp-based CBD is preferable since it doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Unless you’re already well-introduced to cannabis, consuming products laden with the euphoria-inducing THC could be counterproductive for your workouts. 

That underscores the importance of checking the ingredients’ list of any CBD product before buying it. Also, insist on buying your full spectrum cbd oil canada from a reputable supplier.  If you’re ever in doubt, just go for a product that bears the broad-spectrum CBD label.

Choose Your Doses Wisely


As we’ve already mentioned, various factors go into determining the right amount of CBD doses for optimized workouts. The convention is that with all other factors held constant, more energy-intensive workouts require higher doses. Another important aspect to consider when choosing the ideal CBD dose for your fitness is the mode of administration. 

Essentially, CBD can be consumed through any of the following means;

  • Oil tinctures;
  • Vape juices;
  • Creams and topicals;
  • Capsules and tablets; and
  • Edibles, such as gummies.

Oil tinctures and vape juices are the fastest-acting methods of CBD consumption. Gummies are preferred for their convenience of use. You can pop and use them anywhere, which makes them ideal if you’re traveling or having short workouts between your work.


Shun Coffee For CBD-infused Drinks


Coffee is famous for its immense stimulating abilities, which keep you focused on your work throughout the day. However, regular coffee intake comes with its own medical side effects. It’s reassuring to note that you can replace coffee with the more therapeutic CBD for optimized workouts. 

The food and beverage industry teems with hundreds of CBD-infused drink alternatives to coffee that you can try out. Even if you can’t stomach a day without a sip of the good, old coffee, there are numerous Lazarus Naturals CBD coffee products you can try. 

Whatever you do, ensure you start your mornings with a dose of CBD for a more productive day at the gym.


Using CBD Before, During, and After Your Workouts


In the build-up to your workouts, you can consider snacking on healthy and high-quality CBD-infused edibles. That will give you the much-required energy boost to continue with your workouts. If you cannot find a great CBD edible, you could invest in full-spectrum CBD instead. 

With full-spectrum CBD, you will benefit from the euphoric effects of THC, which are known to induce appetite. The THC in a full-spectrum CBD product will keep your appetite up while CBD in the product will relieve any nausea symptoms. During your workouts, regularly sip on a CBD-infused supplement drink to maintain your energy supply. 

And when you’re done, you might consider taking a shower, followed by applying a CBD-infused skin moisturizer and CBD-enriched gel to relieve joint pains and muscle aches.


Maintain Consistency


Adding CBD into your fitness routine may be difficult. But maintaining consistency is even more challenging. This takes us back to number one. 

If you have fitness goals you’re aspiring for, you’ll want to keep your eyes on the prize by remaining true to your workouts till you achieve those goals. And that also includes taking your CBD doses consistently. 

Occasionally, you’ll want to adjust your doses depending on the need of the moment. There’s no need to worry, as CBD has no overdose. Just ensure you go slow on it while starting out and increase or lower your doses gradually.


There goes our guide on how to incorporate CBD into your fitness routine. Remember, all it takes is a bit of discipline to begin reaping the immense therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol in your workouts.


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