Sometimes having your wedding close to home is the right thing to do, but other times it doesn’t feel special enough. In addition, you might have guests who need to fly in from all over the world. Instead of asking some guests to come from afar, why not go a little closer to some of them, and ask everyone to make the journey. A destination wedding might mean a smaller guest list, and perhaps footing the bill for travel and accommodation, but it’s worth it for the perfect day. If you’re considering getting married abroad, here are some of the best luxury destinations that money can buy.

Necker Island

If you want to choose somewhere truly exclusive for your big day, Necker Island is the place for you. Situated in the British Virgin Isles, this island is privately owned by Sir Richard Branson of Virgin. The resort prides itself on dealing with unusual requests and working with other resorts to deliver your wedding to your specifications. They can host up to 200 people for your ceremony and reception. You can have just about anything you ask for on Necker Island, including flying in on a helicopter. Which is exactly what both Branson and his daughter did for their wedding days. You have to book the whole island, usually, but on certain nights of the year, you can stay as a couple in just one room.


Your guests might be confused at first when you send out the wedding invites to your ceremony in Scotland. It’s not the place to go if you want high temperatures one your special day, but there’s something magical and enchanting about the country. Some of the world’s best luxury hotels are in Scotland, and you’re sure to find somewhere warm, cozy and steeped in history. A wedding in Scotland is one of the most romantic that you can find, whether you choose a country mansion house or a contemporary hotel for your venue. Try the Airth Castle Hotel, part of the luxury Aurora Hotel Collection. 


Another romantic destination is Italy, and it’s one of the places on the Mediterranean where marriage is easy for foreigners. Whereas you need to be a resident in France for several months to marry there (or get special permission), you don’t need to do so for Italy. Italians love the finer things in life, from food to fashion, so you’re sure to find somewhere to your tastes. Whether you choose the busy city of Rome or a stunning destination on the Amalfi coast, no one will forget your Italian wedding in a hurry. Italians are great at luxury boutiques, like Casa Buonocore on the Amalfi coast. 

The Seychelles

You just can’t beat islands for a luxury wedding destination, especially if you want to stand on the beach as you say “I do”. These islands in the Indian Ocean make for a beautiful place to get married and double up as a fantastic honeymoon destination too. Arrange your wedding at the Hilton, or perhaps make things easier with one of Kuoni’s luxury wedding packages. You’ll never want to leave after spending one of the best days of your life on this gorgeous island.

Cancun Mexico

If you and your partner are avid fans of sandy beaches then a weddings in Cancun Mexico is perfect for you. There is no question that your entire wedding entourage will definitely enjoy the free vacation that comes with attending your wedding. Surrounded by warm, pristine waters, Punta Cana will provide you with a stunning location for your ceremony. Regardless of your number of guests and the desired level of privacy, Cancun will have something for you.

What is your ultimate dream wedding destination? Leave a comment below.


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