Everyone dreams of having a luxurious office. After all, your workspace showcases your image and overall status in the business world. However, when you mention luxury, the first thing that comes to mind is either expensive or designed by someone who’s worth their weight in gold. Still, luxurious doesn’t necessarily have to mean pricy on all accounts.

Instead, it’s about using creativity and innovation that will complement your own version of luxury, as well as convince others that it’s stylish and classy. If you want to impress your clients and provide an office space your employees will love to work in, you’ll have to get creative. Here are a few luxurious office design tips that will give you the best business image.

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Use Company Culture As Your Muse

When designing an office space, you need to consider your company culture and how it will fit the design. Even if your culture is “all work and no play,” your office design doesn’t have to be a colorless sterile environment. Think of how you can display it without making people uncomfortable. For instance, using leather and wood, as well as walls in darker hues and lots of natural sunlight all conveys professionalism. That way, your office space will complement your company culture, and your employees will love coming to work.

On the other hand, if your culture is more energetic, consider living up the place. Take Google, for example: their NY offices are luxurious. Their design is meant to be cozy and inspire employees to feel more at home. They have arcade games, slides, pool tables, and offices that are unique and custom designed for individual employees. The company is not only showcasing innovation and creativity, but also improving its employees’ mood and productivity.


Make Your Office Stand Out

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As a business owner, you’re the face of your business image and your office design has to complement it in every way. You’ll undoubtedly meet various people in your office, ranging from employees to important business acquaintances and we all know that impressions matter the most. Your office design has to be in accordance with your business image, as well as your own version of luxury. A good example is a mix of modern and vintage, which can mean you have class, but you’re also innovative.

If you’re going to have an antique mahogany desk, it’s equally important to have a branded computer, like the latest HP laptops, to show that you’re keeping up with the trends. More importantly, also consider your own personality when designing your office and the impression you want to leave on people who visit you. For instance, choose whether you want to intimidate, show authority or perhaps encourage them to open up and show that you’re approachable and open for communication.


Implement Modern Technology

Nowadays technology plays a vital role in our everyday lives, but it still manages to impress people. Even today, having a high-tech office space is considered more of a luxury than a convenience you can use that to your advantage. For example, implement interactive smart screens that can help clients navigate around or entertain them while they wait for their appointment. If you want to leave a good impression, use a voice command system instead of touch screens for better interaction.

Also, focus on wireless tech as much as you can, because it’s more stylish than having wiring all over the place. Moreover, technology is not only meant to impress your clients or associates, but also help your employees be more efficient at work. Provide employees with tech that will help them do their jobs more easily and in return they’ll be more productive. That way, you won’t just favor a reputation of having a luxurious office, but also enjoy a good business image as a company that has satisfied employees.


Choose the Right Location

The location of your office space is just as important as its design. A fancy building in the middle of nowhere won’t do your image any justice, no matter how luxurious it is. Instead, choose a more urban area with a business centre.

Having an office in a more luxurious part of the city or in an important business district has its own impact on your business image. In addition, you should also consider choosing an easily accessible location for your offices. That way, your clients will be able to find you more easily and your employees can come to work on time.

Having a luxurious office isn’t really that difficult. You don’t need to spend a fortune to showcase luxury or make a great impression. All you need is a bit of creativity, innovation and imagination to make almost any design look fancy and magnificent.

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