Australia is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. The climate dynamics of Australia makes it a tourist-friendly place throughout the year, so you do not have to wait for a particular season to travel there.

This is a paradise for those who love traveling to destinations that blend luxury with nature. Australia is home to magnificent reefs, majestic mountains, pristine beaches and beautiful reefs, a diverse range of flora and fauna and wildlife habitat. Apart from all the natural attractions, you will find scrumptious food, vibrant culture and unlimited shopping options to spice up your trip.

Australia has so much to offer that it becomes difficult for most tourists to pick and choose their destinations and attractions when they are visiting the country for a limited time period. In order help you decide better, we have shortlisted top 10 places that you must visit when traveling to Australia.

10. Darwin

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Darwin is an adventure in art and a dream come true for adventure seekers. This town is a home of ferocious crocodiles. You can sail through the river and watch the crocodiles up close as they attack their prey. If you feel adventurous enough for a thrilling date with a giant croc, head to the Crocosaurus Cove where you will be locked in a cage and dropped underwater in the same environment with the crocodile. If you are an art and history lover, Darwin has some interesting art galleries and museums to explore.

9. Mornington Peninsula

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If you want a refreshing getaway from the crowded urban Melbourne, treat yourself with a perfect weekend getaway to Mornington Peninsula. Drive through the beautiful farmlands, meadows, golf courses and national parks and enjoy the scenic views of this serene town. Refresh yourself while you watch the sun rise and set by the beach.

8. Byron Bay

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Continuing with the natural spots, Byron Bay is by far the most beautiful, yet the most underrated destination in Australia. Its topography is dominated by beautiful mountains and waterfalls. Take a hike, then cool off with a dip in one of the many swimming holes Byron Bay has to offer.

7. The Blue Mountains

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If you want a change from hustle and bustle of Sydney and need some calmness and serenity, head towards the Blue Mountains and indulge in some naturist experience. Even if you don’t have enough time to make a dedicated overnight stay, you can easily book a day trip due to its close proximity to Sydney. The place is home to serene mountains, pristine waterfalls, beautiful meadows, and gorges. Take a Gondola ride to make your journey more romantic.

6. Brisbane

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Brisbane is yet another large and modern city of Australia. The city’s warm climate and serene landscapes dotted by modern building adds a distinct character to the city and makes it one of the favorite tourist spots. The best thing about Brisbane is the fact that despite being a modern urban capital, it is much more economical as compared to other Australian provincial capitals and metropolitan cities.

The western suburbs of the city boast street markets that offer an exciting shopping experience. Climb the Brisbane Story Bridge for an extra dose of thrill and a spectacular view of the city. You can find numerous coffee shops, roadside cafes and eateries that offer tantalizing food options, refreshing coffee and some great selection of wines and beers.  This city is a must visit if you want to enjoy the hippie feel of the 70s.

5. Perth

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Located in Western Australia, this coastal town is distant from other major cities of Australia. Its isolation from other cities has enabled it to carry a sense of uniqueness that makes it stands out from the rest. It’s modern in terms of architecture and economic activity, but it’s not as crowded as other large cities. There are many luxury hotels and small boutique hotels dotting the beach. Most of these hotels offer luxury airport pickups.

4. Melbourne

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This Victorian capital is a heaven for tourists who like traveling to destinations that offer a glamorous lifestyle, multitude shopping options and some of the finest food. Melbourne has all the elements of an ultra-modern cultural capital. It is also a host to some of the key cultural festivals and international sports events. Sports fanatics should not miss out on Melbourne as it is a home to some of the internationally renowned stadiums where the greatest players have played.

3. Cairns

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Once you feel you are done with your aquatic adventures and you need a change, head to the small yet stylish city of Cairns. Explore the beautiful beaches and magnificent tropical forests that are home to one of the most diverse wildlife.

2. The Great Barrier Reef

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If you enjoy oceans and diving, you cannot miss out an aquatic adventure at the world’s most fascinating and largest barrier reef while you are visiting Australia. The Great Barrier Reef boats are one of the most diverse aquatic ecosystems in the world and are a dream diving spot for divers across the globe. If you want to experience a dive here head to Queensland, Australia.

1. Sydney

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Sydney takes the top spot among all the destinations in Australia for its modern architecture, culture and lifestyle and the ultra-scenic Sydney harbor. Enjoy the world famous performances at the Sydney Opera House followed by the beautiful fireworks and an exquisite dinner. Take a ferry trip and explore the Sydney skyline as you pass under the Sydney harbor bridge. If you are willing to spend extravagantly, then book yourself a yacht and explore the beautiful coastline.

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