A note from Chef Jack Lee:

This seven-course menu pairs the finest flavors of the sea with delicious wines to delight the palate, featuring Domaine Carneros, Dom Perignon, and David Family Pinot Noir.


I was inspired to create each dish by highlighting delicacies found in Asian and French cuisine, which creates the signature Chinoise style of these dishes.

We are so grateful for our wine partners this evening, who have created sumptuous pairings for us, and hope that you will enjoy the meal.

As this is our first time sharing these menu combinations, we look forward to your feedback as you relax and enjoy the evening. Bon Appetit!

Sponsor for the Pinot Noir by David Family Wine with Michelle Turnbull Reeves. & Domaine Carneros for Brut Cuvee & Brut Rose Pompadour

For more information, visit Chinoise Cuisine

Director of Photography: Alvin Octoman
Camera Operator: Jonn Jackson
Edited by David Christopher Lee

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