Moscow is a buzzing metropolis and is ‘on’ every hour of the day and night. It’s unusual, historic, magnificent and, at times, overwhelming. The architecture, street style, traditions, and people blend and clash simultaneously. If you arrive in Russia’s capital with an open mind and are searching for adventure, you may fall in love with it.


Artplay, Moscow

Artplay is the center of art in modern day Moscow. It’s a hub of innovative creativity and those curious about Moscow as a design city should definitely visit. The center is a red brick former factory near the Kurskaya Metro station. The old mill has now been converted into galleries, shops, and multifunctional spaces. Since 2010, it has been the home to the British School of Design.

At Artplay you are likely to find more shops that sell fashion for the home and soul than designer dresses. However, the inspiration you gather from the artists, designers, and colorful locals here will undoubtedly have an impact on how you view your style and fashion choices in the future.

The Kremlin Museum’s Armoury Chamber, Moscow

An exciting array of priceless jewels, Russian State Regalia, textiles, and costumes is housed here. The beautiful pieces you will see are sure to make your fashion loving heart beat faster. Peruse the designer dresses and accessories of centuries ago; from the 1724 embroidered coronation dress of Empress Catherine I, to regal wedding dresses – with some bearing a resemblance to today’s designer wedding dresses – belonging to princesses of yesterday and the eye-popping diamond, ruby, and emerald encrusted crown of a Tsar from the 15th century. You’ll be mesmerized around every corner with beautiful treasures in every display.

Lambada Market, Moscow

It’s a newly established market that has quickly become the place where trendsetting locals have to be seen. Lambada is held eight times a year. The market’s location alternates between the Strelka Institute and the Tsvetnoy Central Market. Expect to find luxury goods from local designers souvenir stalls and vintage clothing. Soak up the eclectic atmosphere while devouring delicious street food and rubbing shoulders with Russian hipsters.

Gum Shopping Centre, Moscow

This incredible shopping center on Red Square is where fashion consumers will flock. As the Soviet Union’s state-sponsored department store before the fall of communism, it used to be one of the only places the people of Moscow were allowed to shop. The top floor was only for those high enough in the Communist party to ‘deserve’ access to the most exclusive shops.

Designer dresses, opulent jewelry, and exquisite bags can be purchased from high-end brands, couture labels, and local boutiques. The opportunity to be voyeur is just as entertaining. Sip expensive coffee while watching fur clad, diamond bedecked ladies being followed out of shops by bodyguards laden with crisp new shopping bags. Moscow is the epicenter for fashion in Russia.

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