Most of us would like to impress our neighbors, and our homes are among the greatest assets we have to show our success to others. A luxury item can still have utility. Designer cabinets should be as functional as they are beautiful. There are many items on the market, and you should select things that match your own home’s style. This may seem difficult because you have many different options available to you, but you can narrow down your choices by finding things that will add value to your property as a whole.

Rolling Library Ladders

If you have a home library, then you know it’s often difficult to get to the books on the upper shelves. A rolling library ladder can be used to quickly glide across the room and access previously inaccessible books. These are also great to own if you have a large bookcase set inside one wall of the room. Rolling ladders are easy to maintain, and they may even make your home more attractive to future buyers.

Antique Rugs

An antique rug can definitely make a room look more beautiful. These rugs are designed to complement antique tables and furniture, but it isn’t necessary. You can insert these into any living room or bedroom with matching walls or carpeting. You can even hang antique rugs on the wall. These rugs have unique designs, and they can be great conversation pieces for those who are looking to host family gatherings or other parties. Antique rugs are durable, and they may end up being a prized heirloom you leave for your kids. These rugs can also be rolled up, so you can hide the rug away if you want to briefly replace it with a yoga mat or similar item.

Wine Cabinets

If you’re a wine aficionado, then you will probably benefit a lot from owning a wine cabinet. These cabinets are usually made from high-quality materials, and they hold dozens of alcoholic beverages. Some of these may have little areas where you can set up a tiny bar inside to mix and prepare drinks. You can certainly also use them to store hard liquor and other alcoholic beverages. These can greatly complement a remodeled kitchen. The wine cabinet makes for an excellent conversation piece during parties, and many have locks that can be secured with separate keys. You’ll ideally set these up in a kitchen dining area or living room. You also have a lot of options to select from in terms of cabinet design. These cabinets can be made from cherry wood, oak, or other materials.

Towel Warmers

You can upgrade your bathroom relatively easily by installing towel warmers. A towel warmer will bring the towel to an ideal temperature to ensure you don’t get cold as you climb out of the shower. These luxury items aren’t too expensive. You can find a lower end towel warmer for just under $200, but nicer ones may cost $500 or more. These unobtrusive devices may be placed next to the shower or bathroom countertop. They come in a variety of colors and designs, but the neutral polished metal ones should fit in seamlessly with any bathroom setup. You can always add a matching towel rack to make the design look complete. You may also want to add heated tiles to add even more temperature control to your bathroom.

Wireless Home Surveillance Systems

The wireless security industry is growing. Criminals who see a nice house may impulsively think about robbing it, so installing a home security system in a luxury property is common sense. Google Nest or Ring Systems are comprehensive security systems that take only a few hours to set up. You can place the cameras and alarms wherever you need them, so these systems are highly customizable. It’s often very easy to get the cameras mounted, and many of these systems operate through downloadable smartphone apps. You could also go the higher end route and buy automatic floodlights and self-locking doors, but this will set you back a few thousand dollars. It may be a worthwhile investment if you truly want to secure your property and protect your family. Wireless home surveillance systems are luxury items, but they also serve a vital purpose for those who own them.

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