There are stacks of reasons to stay fit, trim and in shape. Firstly, your overall mood and attitude will remain firmly in the positive, as you’re ripped and ready to take on all of life’s small and significant challenges. Secondly, you’ll perform better at your chosen occupation – whether that’s work, study, or raising the little ones. And finally, your sleep and overall health will see a big boost, which is always a plus. And there are so many things you can do to stay fit. You can walk, run, cycle hit the gym or take regular yoga classes. But what about some unconventional ways of staying trim? So if you’re a rock and roller and want to learn how roller skating can boost your fitness, then you’re in the right place.

It’s Intense Cardio

Strapping on the roller skates and going for a skate is a great way to get your cardio session on. As an intense cardiovascular activity, you’ll build up a sweat, feel the burn and feel great afterwards. Half an hour of non-stop roller skating is equivalent to the same amount of time running, cycling or doing a powerful flow yoga routine. Remember that because this is an excellent form of cardio exercise that you’ll need to properly hydrate afterwards so pack a water bottle filled with water or a sports drink that’s jam-packed with electrolytes.

Lose Weight Fast

Carving up the pavement on your roller skates is a fantastic way to lose weight. Half an hour of non-stop skating will burn over 250 calories, guaranteed. If you skate a few times a week and couple this exercise with a healthy, balanced diet, then you’ll see the kilos melt off. You could lose a kilo a week easily. So what better reason to strap on those skates and hit the road?

Toned and Defined Muscles

Another reason to rock and roll on the rollers is that you’ll build some fantastic muscle tone and definition. As you flex and firm up those abs, legs, glutes and thighs, you’ll notice that with some time your limbs become taught and those muscle groups become rock hard.

Improved Balance and Focus

Roller skating is an activity that requires balance and focus. You’ll need to pay attention to your balance and your surroundings as you skate around, taking care not to fall over and injure yourself, or run into anyone and injure them! With time, your balance will improve. As you’re skating, your focus will be razor sharp, putting you into a heightened state of mind.

Build Your Strength

Did you know that roller skating a few times a week is a brilliant way to improve your strength? There are lots of benefits to strength training, including improved wellbeing but also building your immune system and overall health. You’ll also improve bone health, reducing your risk of osteoarthritis and other degenerative bone conditions as you age.

Improved Endurance

Finally, frequent roller skating will see an improvement in your endurance levels, which will have a ripple on effect for the rest of your fitness regime. You’ll be able to walk for longer, run for longer and hit the gym harder due to your roller skating activities.

To Sum Up

Roller skating is an excellent way to build your fitness. It’s an intense cardio workout with all the benefits of this form of exercise, and you’ll notice the weight dropping off. You can improve your muscle tone and definition, and you’ll see a boost to your balance and focus. Finally, it’s a strength-building activity that will increase your endurance levels. So skate on!


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