Romantic movies have the ability to transport you from a mindset of sadness to one of hope.  The best romances have plots with unforeseen twists and unique love interests.  When a movie is able to make you smile, laugh, cry, and sigh in one sitting, you know you have a winner.  The following twenty-two romantic movies, listed in no particular order, are some of the best romance movies of all time.


Everyone knows Jesse McCartney as the teen-heartthrob with an amazing singing voice.  However, he broke out of the sweet and innocent persona he has created to become Keith.  Keith’s character is blunt, pessimistic, and prefers being in his own company.  But like all great love stories, Keith is forced to confront his demons when a beautiful girl steps into the picture.  If you are looking for a heart-wrenching and heartwarming movie, you are definitely going to want to rent this come Valentine’s Day.


The Spectacular Now is not your typical Indie film.  Yes, there is a quiet, quirky female role, but the male role is a strong and confident character.  The first time these two characters cross each other’s path, it is in a strange manner.  But strange is the word when describing their relationship, platonic and romantic.  The movie’s script is witty, fast paced, and attention grabbing.  This love story will have you laughing, sighing, hooting, and crying in the best way.


There are several movies that continue to be among the top romantic movies throughout the decades, and Pride & Prejudice is a contender.  This classic romance tale began on the pages of a book, but was brought to life on the screen.  The characters are wonderfully flawed, making them realistic and relatable.  Through the character’s trials, the audience is able to feel they are a witness to the love story.  The witty charm of the English men and women will put a smile on your face, and the unyielding passion for each other will pull on your heartstrings.



Heartfelt, humorous, and hypnotizing are three adjectives that justly describe The Princess Bride.  This tale explains the love between two unlikely characters, a farm boy and a princess.  Their love requires sword fights, witty banter, and defeating an evil prince.  A unique facet to this love story is the way in which it is relayed.  A grandfather is reading the lover story to his grandson as a nighttime tale.  It is interesting to see the love story, while hearing the grandfather and grandson’s input.


Nicholas Sparks is no stranger to great love stories.  The Last Song, one of his more recent movies, tells the story of two young characters falling in love, feeling betrayed, and finding forgiveness.  Set on the shores of Georgia during the summer time, it is hard not to root for the characters to find love with each other.  However, as with all love stories, there is betrayal, which needs to be overcome.  Through the hardships that life hands them in the span of one summer, these two characters find a reason to keep smiling and loving.



The last decade has been flooded with raunchy, gut-busting movies.  The Ugly Truth will cause you to cry from laughter and heartache.  This fast paced movie provides a realistic outlook on two characters whose relationship starts off as platonic loathing, but eventually evolves into passion and love for each other.  The witty demeanor of both lead characters provides the audience with endless laughs and shocks.


The fantasy behind bringing a male escort to a family function has rolled through many women’s minds.  It would be exhilarating, terrifying, and exciting.  While many believe you and your date have been together for a set period of time, the truth is you just met him an hour before the function.  In The Wedding Date, the chemistry between the lead characters is undeniable.  They are sorting through their story, and the audience is shouting, “Just kiss her.”  It seems odd to find love with a male escort, but the character’s blossoming love jumps off the screen and into your heart.


Many romantic movie plots go as follows: blossoming relationship, conflict, sadness, restoration.  However, Life as We Know It starts off with heartbreak.  The two lead characters lose their best friends to an accident, but they gain the deceased’s newborn.  In their will, they specified that, if anything were to happen to them, their child would go to the care of their two best friends.  Oddly enough, their best friends, the two main characters, did not like each other in any capacity.  But as the child grows up, so do the main characters.  The relationship’s fluidity and easy-going nature allows the audience to fall in love with their love.




It is said that a movie whose cast is stacked with well-known and well-loved actors will flop at the box office.  But that is not the case with Crazy, Stupid, Love.  The portrayal of relationships, between friends and lovers, is incredibly realistic.  The characters are full of life, while remaining true to themselves.  The twists that the movie reveals towards the end causes gasps, which are promptly followed by uncontrollable laughter.  It is hard not to love this movie.  From the script to the acting to the film locations, this movie will be treasured as a classic.


Romantic comedies took the country by storm in the late 1990’s.  America was producing movie after movie, but there were only a few that grasped the hearts of millions.  Two Weeks Notice brings together an environmental lawyer and an accomplished real estate monster.  While the lawyer wants to save and preserve the historic buildings, the realtor wants to get rid of the crumbling buildings and replace them with something more modern.  Through a deal, the lawyer (Bullock) comes to work for the realtor (Grant), prompting a relationship to spark.  Their banter and pestering of each other comes across as endearing instead of annoying.  Their desire for each other is evident to the audience and the characters they surround themselves with.



Considered a cult classic, Dirty Dancing has inspired many movies.  From the basis of connecting through dancing to the love between two unlikely characters, this movie has it all.  It is also one of the most frequently quoted movies, including the ever-famous dance scene.  If you do not know which move I am referring to, please find a copy of the movie to enjoy.  This movie is iconic.  The relationship that forms is a perfect representation of the coming-of-age genre.



When you sit down to watch this movie, make sure you have several boxes of tissues at your side.  From the beginning to the end, you will be shedding tears.  This movie tells the story of a recently widowed wife, and how she comes to terms with her late husband’s death.  Heart-wrenching does not even begin to describe this movie.  But while there is pain, there is also light.  Finding new love is hard after the death of your lover, but the main character slowly steps out and allows herself to feel again.


The Proposal’s script will have you in tears from laughter.  Humorous and witty are two adjectives that describe this movie from beginning to end.  The relationship between the two characters is amazingly charming.  An editor (Reynolds) and publisher (Bullock) must fake an engagement because the publisher is being processed for deportion back to Canada.  While they convey distaste for each other, the audience is able to see the petals of love.  The plot is unique and original, which makes this movie a classic.  In fifteen years, The Proposal will continue to be loved and adored by everyone.



While this movie was produced over seventy-five years ago, its love story still pierces the hearts of today’s generation.  Another novel-turned-film, Gone with the Wind is frequently quoted.  Accredited as having the most quoted line of any movie, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” this film catapulted to the top and has been there ever since.  One reason that this movie has remained in the hearts of all who watch, is because of its unique ending.  Many movies end with the lovers finally admitting to their love for each other, but this film ends with heartbreak.  As the main female character vows to earn back her ex-lover’s love, the audience cheers for her to find happiness.  The many twists and turns that this movie takes are captivating and engrossing.


Mental illness has been the theme of many movies of this past decade.  In Silver Linings Playbook, the two main characters suffer from mental illnesses, but they do not let their diagnoses prevent them from finding love.  Hesitancy plagues the male lead, but the female lead is abrupt and bold which helps the male find his identity.  This movie shines a light on the negativity of labeling, while showing the audience that everyone and anyone deserves, and can find, love.

7. 13 GOING ON 30

Magic wishing dust, mean girls, and a loyal best friend are three necessities when writing the script for a romantic comedy.  Through the power of magic wishing dust, the unpopular girl wakes up the morning after her disastrous thirteenth birthday party to find out that she is thirty.  As she tries to piece together the last seventeen years of her life, she runs into old foes and her best friend.  The male lead, her best friend, fills her in on what has happened during the years she cannot remember.  As their friendship is rekindled, a love match has been struck.  The obstacles that were thrown their way are overcome, and the two find their happiness in their dream house full of magic wishing dust.



When a man met a woman in a diner, he had no idea that his life would be changed forever.  Not only because of their blossoming love, but because this woman suffers from short-term memory loss.  After almost dying in a car accident, the female lead wakes up every morning, forgetting about the events that happened the previous day.  When the male lead realizes this, that does not stop him from loving her.  He makes it his mission to make her fall in love with him every day.  If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is.

5. One of the best romantic movies-GHOST


Losing a loved one is painful, but it is even more heartbreaking to lose your lover.  It is difficult to try and move on from your greatest, and one true love.  However, in Ghost, after the male lead passes away, he is able to maintain communication with his lover through the means of a psychic.  The psychic can see and hear the ghost, and she must convince his wife that he is still around, even if he is not alive.  Through the difficulties of losing her husband physically, she is able to be with him spiritually, which is powerful.

4.One of the best romantic movies-THE NOTEBOOK

A love torn apart because of social class difference is the heartbreak in The Notebook.  Introducing the main characters is an elderly man.  He is reading a love story from a notebook to an older woman.  This love story is about a passionate, wildfire romance that sparks between a mill worker and an elitist’s daughter.  However, they are torn apart after the daughter’s family finds out that she has been romancing with a boy from a lower social class.  Decades pass before the ex-lovers are reunited.  Although they try to deny their desire for each other, they are unable to stunt their passion.

3. One of the best romantic movies-A WALK TO REMEMBER


Another Nicholas Sparks masterpiece romantic movies, A Walk to Remember portrays the love story of the quiet, intelligent girl and the loud, football-throwing jock.  These two come together by means of an unlikely source; their school’s spring play.  Both the male and female leads of the movie are cast as the lead roles in the play, provoking a romance on and off the stage.  When the truth about the female lead comes to light, the male lead is more determined than ever to win her affection.  Make sure you have a box of tissues at your side, because this romantic tale will leave your eyes full of tears and your heart full of love.

2.One of the best romantic movies-TITANIC

Known as one of the top franchising romantic movies of all time, Titanic has captured the hearts of millions.  This ageless love story recounts the tale of a young, poor boy who makes his living by painting aboard the captivating R.M.S. Titanic, and the rich, elite girl whose family has already promised her love and fortune to another man.  When these two characters meet, their attraction is undeniable.  However, it is their understanding of each other’s labeled life that creates an unforgettable love.  The unforeseen ending to this movie will forever hold a place in its viewer’s heart.

1.One of the best romantic movies-10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU

Romantic movies

When the intelligent, feminist female lead meets the dark, mysterious male lead, their love story takes off.  This romantic movie holds the hearts of millions because of its realism as a coming-of-age romance.  By breaking boundaries and high school clique’s norms, this movie provides every type of high school student with hopes of finding love.  The pain and hurt felt in high school is real, and the audience is able to connect with the characters and the turns that their lives take.

Which one of these romantic movies is your favorite? Leave your comment below.

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