Stockholm is the biggest city within Scandinavia, and has long been on traveler’s radars as a place to visit. There is more to the city than national treasures such as ABBA, IKEA and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

While it’s true that Stockholm is indeed one of the most expensive places in Europe to visit and live, the history that comes pouring out of this magical city makes it a cool place to visit.


One of the city’s most visited islands is loved by Stockholmers and visitors alike. It is a city oasis located in the middle of Stockholm; for good reason as there is nowhere else in Sweden like it.

There is a mixture of all the most famous museums and cultural attractions with green nature, parks and family-friendly activities. On this island, you will find the Vasa Museum, Gröna Lund and Skansen.

Djurgården can be reached by bus, tram or ferry from T-Centralen. Although Djurgården is beautiful all year round, the summertime is when it comes alive. The walk along Strandvägen, from the Royal Dramatic Theatre to Djurgårdsbron is the preferred route.


Gamla Stan

Simply put, this is the old town and is full of sights, restaurants, cafes and bars. Additionally, it is the perfect place to pick up all your souvenirs. The narrow, winding cobblestone streets take you back in time, but the dazzling colors bring you right back, but it all adds to Gamla Stan’s unique character.

Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan are the district’s main streets, but be sure to head off the beaten track to get the real feeling of the old town. There are several beautiful museums and attractions here, The Royal Palace being the main attraction.

Lately, Gamla Stan has become a virtual gastro-island, with quite a few excellent and award-winning restaurants to choose from.


Historically this neighborhood used to be a working-class haven, but nowadays it is a top hipster neighborhood. You will find all the cool cats around here, as this neighborhood now plays host to independent shops, cafes and bars.

This neighborhood has brilliant views of the city, which is an obvious drawing point for the area. The cosy 16th-century architecture keeps you gripped with wanting to see more.

If you’re a fan of trendy vintage clothing shops or cool independent galleries and intimate bars, Söder will be your favorite island in Stockholm. It is a beautiful advertisement for modern Stockholm. However, if you aren’t a fan of hipsters, bushy beards or Buddy Holly spectacles, this neighborhood won’t be your place. The very popular Casino Cosmopol is a short ten-minute journey from this neighborhood; it is the only casino in the whole city. However, NetBet Roulette is a more accessible option as Cosmopol is the only casino in the city due to the popularity of online gaming.



If Södermalm wasn’t for you, then Östermalm may be more for you. It is an upper-class neighborhood but is beautifully elegant. It has the highest concentration of nightclubs in the city, found around Stureplan.

Additionally, here you will find the best place for shopping. Bibliotekstan is the cities most affluent shopping district, with exclusive Scandinavian and international brands on offer.

The Östermalmshallen is a must while you’re here. It is the best food market in the entire city and has an array of all meats, fish and vegetarian options. The perfect spot for lunch in Stockholm, but keep an eye out for celebrities.

Once you’ve finished lunch, take a walk along Strandvägen to enjoy Östermalm in all its glory of magnificent buildings and fabulous seaside views.


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