You may have been lured in to visit Dubai by the thought of viewing the stunning architecture by the world’s best — including the tallest building in the world — but there’s so much more to do and see in this lap of oasis luxury.

Think man-made vacation island paradises and luxury yachting, opulent shopping in old traditional gold markets and high-fashion favorites in the biggest mall in the world, dining for foodies and those that want only the best, unbeatable nightlife, a culture-rich experience with people from all over the world, an exquisite art scene, and so much more.

But what are the creme-de-la-creme lures to take me to Dubai, you ask?

To answer, we’ve put together five of our top favorite reasons to travel to Dubai. Keep reading to learn about the must-do experiences in this unique and luxurious destination.

Then, start planning a trip to Dubai so you too can enjoy the opulent leisure and richness of culture for yourself for a vacation you won’t forget.

  1. The Views

Start by taking the trip up the 163 stories of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, for views of all of Dubai and the surrounding deserts and water. Get a glimpse of Palm Jumeirah, the man-made islands designed in the shape of a palm tree.

Once you’re back down on the ground take a tour of the other architectural sights, with buildings in all kinds of shapes.

Also, enjoy a drive around town to see the magical blooming gardens built through the city center. And take a stroll through the Dubai Miracle Garden for sculptures made out of flowers.

So much to see here from above, afar, and up close!

  1. The Shopping

For an authentic experience and some amazing finds, head over to the Gold Souk in Old Dubai. The wares here include jewelry of gold, silver, and a gorgeous array of precious gems and stones.

To get your fashion-forward fill, put on your flats or sneakers and power through Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. You’ll find everything your designer-loving heart beats for.

  1. The Life of Luxury

Dubai boasts a host of exquisite hotels to choose from on your stay, including the icon on an island called Buri Al Arab. Take the private bridge to and from the mainland in one of the Rolls Royce fleets or land your helicopter right there if preferred.

For a real treat, charter a luxury yacht from an exclusive yacht rentals firm and customize your stay. Dubai is fabulous on the water in winter when you’re looking for something on the warm side. Host parties, invite friends, or lounge quietly on deck with a scrumptious Arabic coffee made just right.

  1. The Art and Culture

Dubai teems with a sense of aesthetic beauty as its art scene grows and diversifies. Visit posh galleries in the Finance District.

Peruse the new Dubai Design District and its host of art festivals like Art Dubai and design festivals like Design Dubai popping up.

For a more street-scene vibe, check out Alserkal Avenue — another new art district located on the industrial side of the city.

  1. The Ease and Relaxation

Dubai has everything you need to have an essential, blissed-out vacation of relaxation. Sip cocktails and take a dip or a stroll at the beaches of one of the Palm Jumeirah islands for a tropical holiday.

Wine and dine with scrumptious delights and flavors from all over the world prepared by world-class chefs. Enjoy conversation while you dine with the host of ex-pats and visitors about the city.

And be sure to sneak out to one of Dubai’s traditional buffet brunches where you can try all the flavors as it’s all you can eat!

Sip Arabic coffee or tea in a charming cafe. Pamper yourself at one of the Dubai spas.

Visit Dubai and Experience Luxury and Culture at Its Best

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fabulous experiences awaiting you when you visit Dubai. So grab your travel calendar and start planning a trip to Dubai for yourself!

We wish you a bon voyage and an exciting adventure in luxury!

Also, we invite you to continue to peruse our travel blog for more destinations and jet-setting tips and ideas.

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