On April 4th Cadillac held their first drive event for the brand-new Cadillac CT6 Plug-In in Culver City. This new electric car adds fuel economy to the range-topping Cadillac CT6. It gets a full charge in 4.5 hours using the 240V charger. The car offers two electric motors and a battery pack that is located between the rear seat and the trunk. The battery pack contains the latest generation cell technology that is found in GM Plug-In vehicles.

The CT6 offers three distinct modes that the driver can choose from. The Normal mode is perfect for commuting as it offers a balance between comfort, performance and fuel economy. For those drivers who prefer a more fun ride, the CT6 offers a Sport mode that offers a stiffer steering response and gives you an off-the-line feel. The third mode, Hold, is the perfect mode for those who mix highway and city travel. The Hold mode allows the driver to save on battery charge. Cadillac’s new car also offers a Regen on Demand mode that allows the driver to use momentum to gather energy for later use. With a current MSRP price of $75,095, it is more affordable than other luxury brand Plug-In cars.

Cadillac’s CT6 Chief Engineer, Lyndon Lie, was interviewed by Destination Luxury about the new vehicle, and what it has to offer.

Lyndon Lie.

Destination Luxury: Tell us about the new 2017 Cadillac CT6. What makes the PLUG-IN unique?

Lyndon Lie: The Plug-In is unique in that it presents the latest in efficient, green technology while also delivering a powerful, fun-to-drive and premium driving experience. The total driving range exceeds 400 miles, providing the luxury of making long trips with no concerns over finding charging or range limitations.  The plug-in electric tech enables your daily driving to take place emissions-free (about 30 miles or so.)  If the battery depletes, then the conventional engine is there to power you anywhere you need to go.

DLX: What is the CT6’s best feature?

Lynden: CT6 is at the top of Cadillac’s new range of cars.  While it’s a spacious and elegant car, it’s best attribute is that it utilizes advanced tech to drive like a smaller, performance-oriented car.  It’s agile and fun-to-drive, easy to maneuver – unlike some larger luxury cars of the past.  And it’s efficient – the Plug-In is rated at 62 MPGe.  It’s the quietest Cadillac ever made, as well.

DLX: When did the idea for the Plug-In come to life?

Lynden: Right from the start of the project. The CT6 is a technical showcase, using the latest in safety, performance and connectivity technology. That makes it a perfect platform for plug-in electric technology. Overall Cadillac has transformed it’s product substance to re-introduce ourselves to new consumers, and technical innovation is a big part of that.

DLX: Is Plug-In the future of the Cadillac brand?

Lynden: I think it is right in line with the expansion and elevation that’s taking place at Cadillac. We’re expanding with new products bristling with new tech and design ideas.

DLX: How does the CT6 compare to other electric cars on the market?

Lynden: With 0-60 mph acceleration of 5.2 seconds, more than 400 miles of total range and 62 MPGe, CT6 Plug-In is a very elite group of premium cars that offer electrification.  Only a few cars in the world can approach those performance numbers while offering plug-in electric vehicle technology.

DLX: What were the biggest challenges in creating this vehicle?

Lynden: On the technology level, CT6 was a natural to adopt a plug-in system. The bigger challenge is the fact that electric car technology is still very new to some consumers, and frankly they might not expect it from a brand like Cadillac. But challenging those old, conventional assumptions is something we really like. We call it Daring Greatly.

DLX: What’s next for Cadillac?

Lynden: We’re working on a hands-free driving technology called Super Cruise. It will enable you to have automatic control of speed and steering, reserved for drives on divided freeways. It will really elevate driving, especially for freeway commutes and long interstate drives. This debuts later this year, as an option on the Cadillac CT6.  Looking further ahead, we’re designing several additional new models debuting in the years to come – the biggest expansion in our 115-year history. It’s an exciting time!

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