Mr. Biancaniello’s Secret Bar

It’s only open 1 day a week and it only has 4 stools.  Meet the latest pop up bar at Cliff’s Edge, only open on Wednesday’s.

The Entrance

You enter through Cliff’s Edge hidden courtyard which is behind the parking lot.  Then, buy some drink tickets from the host so the famous bartender, Mr. Biancaniello doesn’t have to deal with money.  Remember, there are no reservations. Be prepared for some wild cocktails!  Think sage hot chocolate or Catcus-infused cachaca.

Matthew Biancaniello’s Pop-Up Bar
Cliff’s Edge
3626 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Good Times

The Entrance

Now, this place is something that you have been waiting for all your life to see.  As you enter, you will see a real life thrift shop.  You can buy vintage clothing and furniture…but then, open the refrigerator… this is your portal to partyland in Narnia.

The Ambiance

It’s like an old school 70’s house disco party.  The girls are cute and they are getting down.  The furniture is festive and they are playing 70s music!

The Backyard

The backyard has a trailer that serves snow cones (with alcohol, of course).

1611 N El Centro Ave
Los AngelesCA 90028



La Descarga

The Entrance

This secret Cuban bar has an entrance through a closet!  Then you walk down the stairs into Old World Cuba.

The Ambiance

Everyone is dressed up.  Guys, make sure you have a jacket and dress shoes.  Hang out at the Cigar and Rum Bar.  In the main room, you can have their signature mojitos.

Celebrity Quotient

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hills and many others have been spotted here.

1159 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 466-1324


The Nameless Club on Fairfax

The Entrance

This place is so secret that it doesn’t even have a name.  The facade has a garage door that’s covered with a rainbow mural.  It looks like absolutely nothing.

The Ambiance

It’s definitely the place where the cool kids hang out.  The inside is super posh and there’s even an almost full-circle couch which is oh so comfortable.  There are installations on the walls which are designed by famous musicians.  Edward Sharpe did one of the installations.

Celebrity Quotient

Yes, they are always there.  We were there listening to a Niia performance.  Moby and Josh Hartnett ( I know he hasn’t done anything for a while but he’s still cool) were the crowd.

How to get in

We have no idea…I mean the club has no name!

432 N. Fairfax Ave.

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