Disney, the happiest place on earth and so synonymous with childhood that they sort of have a monopoly on happy kid memories. Want to cause a riot on Facebook? Declare that THIS Disney movie is the best one ever and watch the angry comments come out of the woodwork. Of course, it wouldn’t be able to get emotions (and comments) without some amazing characters. Destination Luxury wishes to pose one of the most important questions of our time: What Disney Character are you?


What Disney Character are you? Queen Elsa


Let it go! Let it go! You’re one with the wind and sky, because, good Lord, have you earned it. You’ve suffered hardships, you’ve put up with crap, and you’ve always kept a cool head about it. You also love people more than you let them know, but why advertise what’s just factual? There’s a party animal in you, though, and when it comes out it’s a showstopper.


What Disney Character are you? -- Winnie


Oh, brother. Some people tend to think of you as lazy, but that’s not true: You just put your effort in things that matter, like hanging out with your best friends, getting some good food, maybe enjoying a good sunset. The world needs to slow down and enjoy itself more, in your opinion, and when people hang around you they kind of start to agree.


What Disney Character are you? -- Donald Duck


What Disney Character are you? -- Peter Pan


Growing up? That’s for squares and old people and guys with stupid hats. No, you’re too busy going on adventures, exploring the world, meeting interesting people, pushing buttons and enjoying the view. Some people would say you have ADD, you say you have AWESOME. It’s hardly your fault that sometimes people get mixed up in your life, but you know they enjoy the ride.


What Disney Character are you? -- Megara


Nope. Done. Over it. You look at people and their drama and their crying and their Twitter feeds and all you can honestly do is roll your eyes and get a martini. No, you don’t want to be hooked up: You’re sure they’re a great guy and totally not a creep, but you have to look out for number one, baby. It’s not that you don’t care, but you learned what happens when you care too much and now reserve your caring for very select cases. You also don’t say anything you don’t mean; social niceties be damned.


What Disney Character are you? -- Maleficent


You are way more powerful than people give you credit for, and they already know you’re not one to cross. Yes, you might be a witch, and yes, you might have a foul mouth and some lesser people might find you “petty,” but that’s only because they’ve done you wrong and you made them remember it. You get what you want, and you know how to get it. Who cares who gets mad along the way?


What Disney Character are you? -- Belle


Intelligent, cunning, devoted, and just a BIT quirky: You come from a non-traditional background, love non-traditional things, and find the new to be exciting and interesting. You just wish the rest of the world could keep up with you and your crazy ideas. You care about things more than others, and want more out of life than just the normal. Yes, it might be crazy, but so what? You can change the world, you think.


What Disney Character are you? -- Buzz Lightyear


“To infinity… and beyond!” Some people call you delusional: You call yourself a hero. Your stories are wild, your athletic prowess memorable, and you’re not above proving your strength and guile when it’s brought into question. No task is too great for you to tackle, be it saving a friend from themselves or keeping people together when they need it most. You might be prone to dramatics, but they never not pay out.


So, which Disney character do you think you are? Let us know in the comments below.



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