Electronic music legend BT is the creator of the innovative Electronic Opus. To celebrate the end of Miami’s Winter Music Conference and the Ultra Music Festival,  TanZ Group produced this spectacular performance. BT performed to a sold out crowd at the Arsht Center in Miami. The Electronic Opus was a project that was successfully crowd-funded by Kickstarter. The event was sponsored by Blue Headphones and Pioneer DJ.

The concept of Electronic Opus is to combine a full orchestra with electronic beats, captivating vocals, stunning led visuals and the genius of BT himself.  Eímear Noone conducted the orchestra as BT played an assortment of instruments-piano (acoustic and electric) and the electric guitar. The Symphony of sounds was accompanied by a slew of talented vocalists.  Frequent BT collaborator Christian Burns graced us with his talents as a vocalist and guitarist.

Electronic Opus Prague Documentary from TanZ Group on Vimeo.

A giant volumetric, topographic, one-of-a-kind 3D mapping wall sat behind the orchestra with over $300,000 worth of projectors and showed mesmerizing colorful visuals as songs progressed. The silhouette of the orchestra and it’s instruments created a magical ambiance.  It felt as if you were traveling through time and being inspired by notions of love, wonderment and excitement. With so much movement on the stage, I felt a special part of my brain activating as I was transported to a world of higher self realization.

The movements of Eímear, the Conductor, added to the magnificent atmosphere of the Arsht Center.  Dressed in an artistic avant garde leather jacket, she swayed back and forth as her hair flowed to the strong signature beats of the music.  She controlled our experience of the evening as she pointed to the heavens with her baton or you might want to call it a magic wand.  Conducting the songs of BT is not an easy task as the beats can be complex.

BT took us on a journey through nature, beauty, and relaxation. I could feel the synapses of my brain connecting as I sat in the very center of a 2000 seat theatre.  The sounds crashed throughout the room from the circular ceiling to the tiered balconies on both sides of me.

People usually think of electronic performances as being associated with music festivals and giant uncontrollable concerts.  BT has truly found a way to perform a fantastic elevated electronic experience in a place where you can appreciate every note that you can hear.  Always an innovator, BT is creating the future of electronic music and we were so lucky to experience it. All classically  trained musicians need to see experience a performance of this stature at least once in their life.

Hopefully it happens again!

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