Jonathan Gold is the king of Los Angeles when it comes to great taste! Here are his top 101 restaurants in Los Angeles. We are going to try each and every one of them!

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  1. Providence
    kevinEats: 5x5 Chef's Collaborative (Los Angeles, CA)

  2. Urasawa
  3. Spago
  4. Mozza
  5. Kogi
  6. Lucques
    Lucques: Los Angeles Restaurants Review - 10Best Experts and ...

  7. Animal
  8. Cut
  9. Jitlada
  10. Shunji
  11. Rivera
  12. Spice Table
  13. Ink
  14. Baco Mercat
    Bäco Mercat – Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA – Immaculate Infatuation

  15. Tasting Kitchen
  16. Sea Harbour
  17. Night + Market
  18. Bestia
    Bestia (Los Angeles, CA) [2] - Darin Dines
  19. Hinoki and the Bird
  20. Melisse
    Best French Restaurants In Los Angeles « CBS Los Angeles

For the rest of the list visit the LA Times

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