Having a personal stylist is not something everyone can indulged in but if you are looking for a one of a kind shopping experience; Joseph Katz (link) is the style expert the glitterati turn to to help revamp their looks, refresh their wardrobes and get them the un-gettable items even the vips cannot get their hands on. The expertise of Joseph Katz has been featured¬†across many media outlets, such as Good Morning America, CNN Live, Wall Street Journal, In Touch, Life & Style, OK! Magazine, ABC and many others. The Monatage of Beverly Hills exclusively offers Joseph Katz ‘s services and have many amenities to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for the luxury shopper of all ages.





1. Your shopping experience begins by being chauffeured around Beverly Hills in a Rolls Royce Ghost to all of your favorite stores.


2. Think of the movie Pretty Woman and how the food was delivered to her while she shopped. Joseph arranges to have any of your favorite restaurants in Beverly Hills prepare a special meal just for you and has it delivered to the privacy of your vip room while you shop so you do not need to leave and take time away from your shopping experience.


3. Joseph Katz can style your teenagers and your young children with the hottest new trends.


4. If you are a bride to be, Joseph will have all of your favorite designers wedding dresses put together so the hard work is already done and will take you to each bridal design house you wish along with having a custom design made solely for you by the designers themselves.


5. Joseph can have¬†any design¬†you fell in love with¬†from this years fashion week’s runway show waiting for you to try on upon arrival.


6. In 24 hours Joseph will have created a one of a kind shopping experience for you with all of your favorite designers as well as the ones you have not heard of, but are exactly your style.

7. You can add any spa treatment from the Montage to your shopping fun, Joseph recommends the Elements of Wellness Massage because it is a customized massage to help you relax after a great day filled with a new wardrobe.


8. Most luxury brands have VIP rooms in their store that no one sees, except for the chosen few who want to avoid the paparazzi or just have a more peaceful experience.

Joseph has the golden key and will take you to some of the most beautiful VIP rooms. Dior, Chanel’s Roof Top and Louis Vuitton are a few of his favorites. The rooms are luxurious private and give clients that very special space to try items and have alterations attended too while enjoying champagne.


9. For all of the men or women looking to buy their man a present, Joseph has created his own high end tie collection which is carried at specialty boutiques around Beverly Hills. They are in high demand and are normally sold out. So if you are looking for a great gift they¬†are certainly a great addition to any man’s wardrobe.


10. “Dream Closet” allows hotel guests to fulfill the ultimate fantasy wish of obtaining their favorite celebrity-inspired closet ¬†or favorite styles.¬†After a style consultation with Joseph, he will do all the legwork for you by¬†searching¬†Rodeo Drive for the most¬†luxurious and trendsetting looks which match your style as well as¬†have all of the looks pulled to be¬†waiting for you in your VIP room at the Montage Hotel.

kim kardashina closet Joseph Katz

11. You can choose the value of your closet whether it be a $10k, $50K or $100k  Joseph will fill it with as many items as your budget permits you.


12. If you are looking for one of a kind creation, Joseph can have anything made by any designer you wish.



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